Casetify - Girly Things Lilac Case.

A few months ago I had a tragic accident with my iPhone 5S. After many drops it decide it was going to give up the ghost and smash the entire front screen into a million little pieces.

Anyway, I decided to go for the 6 Plus and since then have struggled to find cute cases. Most high street stores carry a range of iPhone 6 cases. If they have anything for the 6 Plus I always find them to be rather boring. That or they're horrendously over priced. £13 for a transparent jelly case that you can get off eBay for 99p?! I don't think so!

For all my previous phones I had lots of different cases, I could never decide which one to choose but I liked having the selection. This time around I opted for having a select few that might be a little more pricey but are something I don't mind keep on my phone for a long time. Does that make sense?

I've seen quite a few people post about this case on Instagram, usually the blush pink background. There's also a clear version and an aqua blue which I would usually go for but I found the colour too bold against the products and it looked a little odd.

I opted for the lilac version. It comes with a collection of all things girly. There's bobby pins, eyelashes, macarons, perfume, nail polish, lipstick, shoes and jewellery. What more could you want?

Though this is a smooth case it has a slight texture to it which I think helps with gripping it. The case wraps both vertical sides of the phone with cut outs for the volume and lock buttons whilst being completely transparent. It has the Casetify symbol embossed onto the side.

It's the perfect girly girl case and has everything I love on it ... Well mostly. It's missing cats.

Ordering with Casetify is really simple. I paid using PayPal and quickly realised I'd forgotten to use a $10 off code. So I popped them an email and they refunded me the $10. They will happily do this providing you email them within 5 days of placing your order.

Casetify carry cases for pretty much every smart phone, iPad and even straps for the new Apple watches. And if you don't find a design that stands out you can custom make your own.

On the website it says that UK orders can take 15-21 days to arrive. I placed my order on June 15. It was dispatched from Hong Kong on June 16 and delivered on June 24. I think that's pretty good going for free delivery.

The only thing I dislike about the Casetify site is the lack of search function. There's no search box so you can type in 'watercolour' for example and see all the cases that come up for that result. Which I find to be a little (sometimes a lot) frustrating.

Overall I think Casetify is a brilliant way for artists to get their work out there and seen by others. There's hundreds and hundreds of designs so there's something for everyone and I'll definitely be ordering from them again.

$39.95 (£25.60) but you can save $10 off your first order using the code A2RRCH

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Yankee Candle - Love Is In The Air.

Though the weather has warmed up a significant amount I still like to burn a candle of an evening. I just find something so relaxing about having the lights off, the soft glow and the lovely scent of a candle making it's way around the room.

For Yankee Candle's spring collection they released two limited edition fragrances, available in all wax formats.

Pink Grapefruit is as you would expect. Bright, full of citrus and really summery. I don't like eating grapefruits but this really makes my mouth water.

Red Raspberry is not as sweet as I'd imagined, it has a slight tang to it. It's definitely more of a sweeter scent than the previous. It's a really true raspberry scent.

Both scents are natural scents rather than smelling too artificial and have a really strong throw.

If you're looking for a more light, fruity fragrance for summer I can highly recommend these. But be quick, before they disappear!

I picked these up from QVC, I forget if they were on an offer but they're currently £33.50 for the set of two large jars. So if you fancy picking them both up that would be your best place to get them.


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Glossybox - June.

Is it just me or are Glossybox dispatching their boxes earlier? I remember they used to come around the third week or so but now they're appearing at the start of the month. Or at least this one has.

As we're approaching better weather Glossybox have bought us 'the festival edit' box*.

Glossybox - Flash Tattoos
I'm not a massive fan of the temporary tattoo trend. Mainly because I have permanent ones of my own. But these are perfect for the festival season and I love how metallic these are.

Halo - Fragrance Free Facial Wipes
£1.20 / 10 wipes
If you don't have access to running water for your normal makeup removal routine, these are an alternative. They're refreshing but I'd only use them if it was absolutely necessary. I've managed to wean myself off wipes.

Kueshi - Anticellulite Booster
£14.55 / 150ml
I've tried a few Kueshi products in the past and I've really liked them all. This is no different. Whilst I don't know if it will live up to claims of helping with cellulite. But it smells lovely and fresh and is the perfect moisturiser to get your legs summer ready.

Monu Spa - Rosewood Reviving Mist
£11.95 / 50ml
In the warmer weather face mists can be really helpful in cooling you down and helping you feel refreshed. This reviving mist is perfect for that but I'm not a fan of the scent it carries. It's got zesty lemon which I like but I dislike the rosewood and geranium.

Essence - The Gel Nail Polish - Electriiiiiic
£1.71 / 8ml
This polish is like no other colour I have. It's the perfect royal blue creme. It goes on pigmented and smooth in one coat but I always like to follow it up with a second just to smooth out any imperfections.

I think this box is the perfect selection of bits to take with you if you're off to any festivals this summer. Whilst it leans more towards the skincare side of things and I generally prefer more makeup bits, this was a nice little box.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

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Disney x Vans Young At Heart - Villains Authentic.

There isn't anything that will get people more excited than when two fabulous brands collaborate to produce something even more brilliant. That's what happened when Disney teamed up with Vans to create a fun filled collection - Young At Heart.
The collection has everything from lace ups to slip ons, pull overs and backpacks. With a whole host of characters - Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck and Winnie The Pooh, just to name a few. So there really is something for everyone, even the little ones.

As soon as I saw these on the Schuh website I knew I needed them in my life. There's a little bit of Disney magic in everyone but with that of course comes the villains. These actually remind me a little of the M.A.C Venomous Villains collection from way back in 2010.
Of course when I noticed these were exclusive to Schuh, both instore and online. It wasn't long before there were in my basket and I was checking out.

One thing I will say on shipping is that it was extraordinarily fast. I placed my order late Friday night, around 10PM and selected standard delivery as it was free. Just after 7:30AM on Monday morning I was being rudely awakened by the postman delivering my beautiful new shoes. They were in my hands before I'd even received the texts that I had slightly later on telling me when they would be delivered. Fantastic service.

The shoes are printed with four fabulous female villains - The Evil Queen from Snow White, Ursula The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations. There's a couple of different shots of each and they look fierce in all of them. I especially love how they included The Evil Queen holding the poisoned apple, one of my favourite things from Snow White.

The fit is extremely true to size, more so than my other pair of Vans which fit a little bigger. Even though both of them are size 5s. They're really comfy and easy to wear. I love pairing them with both leggings and skirts or dresses.

When I put these on I feel like an evil queen of some sort. If you're into the darker side of Disney, these are definitely worth checking out. I think the majority sizes for these are sold out online but you can use the online stock check to locate them in a store closest to you.


Where to buy:
Schuh (exclusive)

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