Imperial Leather Shower Gel - Spearmint.

When I heard that Imperial Leather had released some sweet inspired shower gels I made it my mission to track them down.

One of my summer shower staples has to be Dirty from Lush. So when I saw that there was a mint version amongst the other traditionally sweet scents, I did wonder how it would compare.

I don't generally like writing bad reviews but I honestly don't like this. The scent is straight up spearmint, there's no doubt about that. Unlike Dirty which contains both spearmint and menthol along with sea salt and thyme to give it a slight edge. This smells just like toothpaste, there's no other way to describe it.

I find the formula is a little on the thin side so it doesn't lather up very well. It's a very awakening scent but it really is just plain mint, it's as if there's something missing. But if you're looking for a fresh, minty scent without anything added then you'll probably like this.

A short and sweet review today but just wanted to put forward my opinion.

£1.80 / 250ml

Where to buy:
Boots, Sainsbury's, Superdrug and Tesco

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Sprinkle Of Glitter Diary 2016 - Louise Pentland.

If there's one thing I challenge myself with each year and usually end up failing, is to be more organised. 

Whilst doing my usual food shopping I saw this pretty little mint hardback on the shelf and had to take a closer look. I recently reviewed Louise's first book - Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter. So I knew that if it looked similar inside, it would be a treat for the eyes and I wasn't wrong.

This diary has a full overview of 2016/17 at the start of the diary. Plus a section where you can write some bits about yourself.

Each lefthand page has a motivational quote, an activity, a recipe or something seasonal. The right hand page has a horizontal, unruled diary layout. With a split box for both Saturday and Sunday. At the back of the book there is plenty of ruled and plain pages for making any notes you might need. It's a sturdy hardback with an elastic closure.

This diary is limited edition and a total bargain at Sainsbury's currently. So if you have young teens to buy for at Christmas, or even just for yourself. I'd get it sooner rather than later. For just a couple of pounds you really can't go wrong.

£9.99 (currently £3.49 at Sainsbury's and Amazon)

Where to buy:
Amazon, Sainsbury's, WHSmith

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Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd - September.

Do you ever have those days when you know you should go home and write a post for the next day? Or just do something you really need to? I had it all planned out that I'd do it after work on Saturday but I was so tired, I just ended up going straight to sleep. Hence this post is up a little later than I planned.

But I have another delightful smelling subscription box for you today.

The scents we have for September are as follows ...

Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber is probably the least sweet scent. The cucumber gives it a refreshingly different scent when mixed with the tea.

Crème Brûlée makes me think of crunchy sugar with a hint of vanilla. It's not at all sickly, it's a nice take on a classic vanilla scent. It's also a box exclusive scent.

Circus Candy Floss is another preview of an upcoming collection and it doesn't disappoint. When I compare it to my Yankee Candle with the same scent, this smells slightly more fruity.

White Lilac and Rhubarb is such a different scent. I adore rhubarb but when mixed with white lilac it doesn't have such a tartness, instead finishes on a musky note.

Rose and Marshmallow is a floral scent with a hint of sweetness. I don't generally like rose scents but fruity notes give it a little something different.

Lemon and Lime Mojito reminds me of the nicest, juiciest green Starburst sweets. Full of delicious citrusy notes.

Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon Peel is definitely not one you want to burn of an evening. It's vibrant and full of summer citrus scents without being too sweet. More refreshing than anything else. It's also another exclusive to the box.

Jamaican Café and Walnut is a warming scent that reminds me of coffee cake. Mmm.

I will probably continue to say this for the entire time I get this subscription. But if you love candles and can spare just a tenner a month, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The box is full of variety whilst being extremely good value. I couldn't be happier with it and if you've been contemplating getting it, I urge you to try at least one month!


Where to buy:

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The Library Of Fragrance - Vanilla Ice Cream.

In September of last year The Library Of Fragranced launched a selection of favourites of their linear, singular scents into Boots stores around the UK.

I believe the fragrances were once sold in the UK under the Demeter Fragrance Library name, which is the brand name they're sold under in the US. I don't remember the first time around but I'm glad they're back and more readily available on the high street as buying fragrance online is always a little risky.

The brand has more than 300 fragrances, 101 which are available on the UK website. The favourites Boots stock are as follows - Amber, Baby Powder, Cherry Blossom, Clean Skin, Daisy, Fireplace, Four Leaf Clover, Fresh Coconut, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Laundry, Gin & Tonic, Gingerbread, Grass, Four Leaf Clover, Jasmine, Mango, Marshmallow, Moonbeam, Musk #7, Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Peach, Pure Soap, Rain, Sex On The Beach, Sunshine, Thunderstorm and Vanilla Ice Cream.

They also have some rather ... interesting ones on the website such as Fresh Hay, Holy Water, Pizza and Wet Garden. I suppose there really is something for everyone.

Today I'm talking about a slightly more classic fragrance.

Perfumes can be hard to put into words as they have so many different notes coming through, that tend to change the longer they're on your skin. What I love about these is that they are singular fragrances and smell exactly like what they're supposed to.

Vanilla Ice Cream is a slightly warming, sweet vanilla scent with a creaminess to it. It's a different take on a classic vanilla fragrance. It's deliciously comforting and if you love vanilla scents, I'm sure you'll love this.

When I saw these were described as cologne I had to search what they meant as I always thought it meant mens fragrance. Apparently not, cologne is used to describe fragrance concentration.

As these are single noted fragrances you can layer them to create something completely unique to you. It's easy to experiment with difference scent blends and if you don't like it, you don't have to worry about having a whole bottle to get through.

If you're looking for something different I recommend trying these. I may have find my absolute favourite fragrance (not this one) in the selection of scents I picked out but I'll post about that soon.

£15 / 30ml

Where to buy:

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