Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette.

Urban Decay Naked palettes have a little bit of a cult following. There was the original Naked palette followed up by two successors. Then came the Naked Basics palettes both featuring six matte shades. Last summer there newest release was the Smoky palette and it seemed to send Urban Decay lovers into a bit of a frenzy. It was a step away from the gold and rosey tones from the predecessors.

As it wasn't a limited edition release I didn't rush out to get it straight away. Not so long ago I had a John Lewis voucher and I decided to spend it on this, meaning I got it for only £13.50. Bargain!

The palette is sturdy and made out of plastic that is slightly translucent with a smoky finish to it and a magnetic closure. The inside of the lid has a sizeable mirror, perfect for if you're travelling. It also contains a double ended brush with a tapered crease brush on one end and a smudger pencil brush on the other. Following on from the theme of the palette, the brush has a smoky translucent finish to the handle.

The palette itself contains twelve shades, nine of which have never been seen which is always nice! The remaining three are exclusives from past palettes. It has a range of mattes, satins and super shimmery shades.

High is a cream shimmer with micro glitter

Dirtysweet is a medium bronze

Radar is a metallic taupe with iridescent micro glitter

Armor is a metallic silver taupe with tonal sparkle

Slanted is a light metallic grey

Dagger is a medium charcoal with micro shimmer

Black Market is a jet black satin

Smolder is a deep plum taupe

Password is a cool taupe matte

Whiskey is a rich brown matte

Combust is a soft pink taupe

Thirteen is a light beige satin

The shimmery shades have the usual buttery soft finish that Urban Decay are known for. I find the mattes a little on the drier side but any eyeshadow with a matte finish tends to be. They all have fabulous pigmentation along with blendability, though again the mattes are a little drier but that's to be expected.

Overall I think the palette has a great range of cooler tones along with a few warmer ones thrown in for good measure. I love a good smoky eye so this selection of colours is perfect for that as I tend to gravitate more towards the silvery grey tones. I can't wait to have a more indepth play with this and seeing what I can create.

£38.50 / 12 x 1.3g

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick - Breakfast At Tiffany's.

At the start of last year Jeffree Star released his much anticipated cosmetic line. It started small, with three liquid lip colours. Fast forward a year and there's now 23 permanent shades with more on the way. Along with lip scrubs, upcoming releases of lipsticks, highlighters and an eyeshadow palette.

Some of you may remember Jeffree from back in the MySpace days. Nope? Just me then. I wasn't a fan of him then and I still find him to be a little coarse now but putting that aside, do his cosmetics live up to the hype?

I thought I would start off by showing you one of my most recent additions to my Jeffree collection. It's one of those colours that won't be for everyone but I just had to try it. Especially since it's eye safe so would make a fabulous liner.

Breakfast At Tiffany's is the most perfect Tiffany box blue, as you would expect. Is it blue? Is it green? It's the perfect mix of both.

The formula has a soft texture that's highly saturated, only needing one swipe for opaque cover regardless of your natural lip shade. Lasting for a good six hours without the need for touchups, providing you avoid oily food but the same goes for and longwearing liquid lipstick. Out of all that I've tried this is the least drying, most pigmented and long lasting.

It comes with a large doe foot applicator which can take some getting used to but it helps the product glide over your lips. In the beginning the lipsticks were unscented but Jeffree has started adding to some of the more newer shades. Instead of opting for your traditional vanilla he's gone for a vanilla root beer scent which isn't something I thought I'd like but it makes a refreshing change.

Overall I cannot recommend these highly enough. I have six currently and they all apply and wear beautifully. There's a shade for everyone be it a muted pink, an everyday nude or even a navy blue. Whilst there's a selection of colours that are more 'out there', there is definetly your more toned down everyday colours which are worth a look.

£14 / 5.6ml

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Glossybox - April.

As we wave goodbye to inter - hoorah! It's time to do a little spring preening, which is what inspired this month's Glossybox*.

 Swiss Smile - Whitening Toothpaste
£28.95 / 75ml
£30? For a toothpaste?! You can't be serious. I haven't tried this mainly because I'm very fussy when it comes to toothpaste due to disliking the taste of mint. This claims to remove any staining and restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. I still can't get over the price though.

Leighton Denny - Miracle Mist
£12 / 75ml
I can't remember the last time I painted my nails, mainly due to the fact I get impatient with waiting for them to dry. That or I have a hard time deciding on a colour. This solves half that problem by making your nails touch dry in seconds. Just spray on your nails for a couple of seconds and you're good to go. The mist conditions cuticles as well as drying nail polish using silicone to create a hard film over your polish.

The Body Shop - Oils Of Life Intensly Revitalising Facial Oil
£28 / 30ml
Oils Of Life is the newest range from The Body Shop made up of lotions, intense creams and this facial oil. I've only just started using oils on my face but using this of an evening has definitely made a difference in how my skin looks and feels. It's not so dry and the texture just seems more improved. It contains black cumin seed oil, camellia seed oil and rosehip seed oil, which are all cold pressed to preserve the potent properties.

Next - Make Me Beautiful Lip Chubby - Cherry Red
This one surprised me as I wasn't expecting to like it but I really do. The formula is full or plant waxes and oils meaning it glides on easily without no effort. Cherry Red is perfect if you're scared to wear reds as it has a hint of pink to the finish. You can wear it slightly more sheer or layer it up for a more intense look.

Studio 10 - Brow Lift Perfecting Liner - Universal
£22 / 1.38g
The message behind this pencil is really great. For every full size pencil purchased in the UK and Australia Studio 10 will donate a full size to charity. Every pencil purchased in the US will have 100% of the profit to the Look Good Feel Better campaign. I personally find the pencil a little too hard and it has that distinctive strong wood smell that comes with pencils, which I'm not a fan of.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

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Pandora Spring Additions.

It's not been all that long since my last Pandora post but I wanted to talk about a couple of new charms I've recently got, one of which is from their spring collection.

As you would expect their spring collection is full of florals, pinks and lavenders. All finished off with a little sparkle along with some pearlescent finishes. It also brings us some new clips, those being silicone lined. Meaning they can be placed anywhere on a bracelet (including the leather varieties) and won't slide around. Also very handy for the Pandora bangles!

Something I've found now that I've really gotten into Pandora is that the photos online don't do the majority of the charms any justice whatsoever. The only charms I've purchased online are the entirely silver ones as I know there won't be much variation with those. The rest I've purchased from my local Pandora store as I prefer seeing them in store. If you can, I highly suggest having a look in person.

Purple Shimmer Murano Charm
I hadn't planned on picking this up as I was going to go for a different colour scheme for my bracelet. But the original piece I was going to get wasn't in stock and this was just too pretty to pass up. It's a lovely lilac colour with a crackled foil type effect inside that ends up shining shades of pink when the light hits it. Very hard for the camera to pick up the real beauty. Because each glass bead is hand made no two can be exactly the same. The one the sales assistant picked out for me was just not as sparkly as the one in the display case. She got out four other ones and let me look at each before I decided that the one in the display case appealed most to me. It's reasons like this that I prefer shopping in store and having a good and patient SA that doesn't mind me being fussy over what I want makes the world of difference.

Best Friend Butterfly Pendant Charm
I won't go into the details behind buying this charm as it's one of those things that's quite personal to me. But part of the reason I opted for this was that it came in two pieces, which can either be shared or worn together. That and I was looking for a butterfly charm to gift to the person who received the other piece. Each having a part of this charm makes it all the more meaningful. The butterfly features a beaded body with two small antennas. The wings feature a cut out design that is the same for both parts of the charm and gives it a little something extra. The inside of the charm has the words 'friends forever' engraved into it. As the surface of this charm is flat I found it looked and sat best against a spacer. The pendant doesn't get in the way and mostly stays where it's supposed to. Overall I think this charm is really great value as you're effectively getting two.

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Halsey x M.A.C Future Foward.

I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I got excited over a M.A.C collection. So much so that I was scrambling over myself to order it on my very smashed iPhone. More haste, less speed and all that.

M.A.C teamed up with four women that they see as shaping the future of the music industry to create an exclusive limited edition and online only collection. Those being Tinashe, Halsey, Dej Loaf and Lion Babe.

As soon as I heard about Halsey I knew I wanted it. She's very 'out there' in both her music and style.

Her trademark colour is blue and she opted for a different take on it, something that is unlike anything that regularly crops up in the makeup world.

Halsey is a described as a grey with a matte finish. It's a medium dark grey with a slight blue undertone. I find the finish to be more like a M.A.C satin rather than a matte, meaning it's a little more creamier but ends up wearing down to a comfortable non drying matte after a little while of wearing.

As for application it glides over the lips with opaque coverage. It lasts for around four hours on me. Whilst eating and drinking it tends to just wear away in the middle, making for an easy reapplication.

M.A.C posted on their Snap Chat about layering Halsey over various lip liners. I love the look against Nightmoth which can be seen here.

It was an online exclusive which has since sold out but I thought I'd post about it just incase something similar comes up in the future. I'm excited to see what looks I can create with this though.

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Nivea Pearl & Beauty Roll On.

Perspire. Sweat. Whatever you want to call it, we all do it. But it's rarely spoken about, perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places?

Either way I thought it's about time I reviewed my current deodorant as it's been my staple for the past couple of years.

I initially purchased a travel size of this as I was going away and it was one of the only ones that wasn't a spray. I feel like they just disappear and don't do anything. I was also somewhat drawn to that shimmery packaging, not gonna lie!

First things first is the price point. I always stock up on it when it's on an offer but it's a good price regardless. The scent is fresh and clean but very subtle so it doesn't disturb any perfume I wear. I do find once applied it does take a little longer to dry but it's not that noticeable or off putting enough to put me off using it.

I apply first thing in the morning and it lasts me throughout the day. I don't have to worry about whether I'll be smelling if I'm running around at work. It protects me regardless of what I'm doing.

The formula doesn't contain alcohol though it does have aluminium in it. I do believe Nivea have one that is aluminium free. Either way this has served me well for quite some time and I can't see myself changing any time soon. Can't recommend it highly enough.

£1.75 / 50ml

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