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Bee Good Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm.

I have a plethora of lip balms and yet I still end up buying more. You always need them, after all. Being early for an appointment and looking at all the beauty goodies in Waitrose is always a little dangerous. 

The packaging is simple but eye catching with a slanted plastic tip applicator. The balm itself is light and gives a glossy finish to the lips. It's perfect if you just want a little shine without it being overly sticky or uncomfortable. I do however find a little grainy which you can only feel when you rub your lips together. It's not an issue but it's noticeable. It feels moisturising and comfortable, whilst lasting a good amount of time on the lips before needing to be reapplied.

The scent was picked as part of a competition a few years ago, in which people could vote for thier favourite. This was the winning combination. The smell isn't overly strong or sickly sweet but very reminescent of it's cookie namesake. It's really rather delicious!

As for the brand, Bee Good was created back in 2008 by a husband and wife duo. They have numerous beehives surrounding their house and utilised the honey to start creating their natural products. Still to this day they promote the safety of British bees and really get involved in the conservation of bees.

£4.75 / 10ml

Where to buy:

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Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask.

This review is a bit overdue as I got it towards the end of last year. One of the things I love at Lush (well I love everything but) is their fresh face masks. They're supposed to be used in a couple of weeks after making, meaning that you get nothing but the freshest of ingredients in your mask. Which can only mean good things for your skin.

Don't Look At Me caught my eye because of the colour. It's the brightest of the bunch in Lush's current mask lineup and really stands out from the crowd. It was a new release with the open of the Oxford Street store but I believe it's made its way into all stores now.

This mask contains a big helping of murumuru butter and organic silken tofu. All of which really help to nourish and moisturise the skin. Kaolin helps with drawing out impurities from the skin and giving you a good deep cleanse. Alongside lemon juice which helps in refreshing the skin. The lemon juice and grapefruit oil give the mask an uplifting citrusy fragrance.

It also contains rice syrup, ground white rice and rice milk. Whilst the base of the mask really moisturises your skin, it helps with exfoliating and removes any dead skin you might have. Leaving behind fresh, glowy looking skin. This does mean the texture of the mask itself is a little grainy but that's to be expected.

After using this mask I found my skin to look a lot better than it had previous and the texture seemed improved, probably from the exfoliating element.

Lush do a range of masks for different skin types and problems so there's something for everyone. The fresh face masks are something that I really like using as they feel a little more luxe and better for your skin than something that's been sitting on a shelf for a few months.

£6.95 / 75g

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Casetify Opal Stone Case.

If you've been a longtime follower you may have remembered a Casetify post from a couple of years ago. I loved that case, it was full of things girlie but the overall finish of the case sometimes made it a little less grippy. Definitely not the best for someone who's as clumsy as me!

After upgrading to the iPhone 7+ I knew I needed a substantial case. That's where Casetify's new classic grip case comes in. It seems to be their new standard case going forward.

The new grip case has the regular rigid back piece, which has your choice of design. Around the edge, there's a slightly rubberised, flexible bezel (TPU) which has a slight raise. Which means that should you have your phone face down it keeps the screen lifted off the surface just slightly, meaning no scratches. It's also really great at shock absorbing so if you're as clumsy as me, this is a really useful additional feature.

It has the Casetify logo stamped into the bottom left-hand side, which is pretty inoffensive. I usually forget it's even there. The volume and power button both have buttons built into the case which is easy to use and don't hinder use. I've found cases I've had previously from eBay that covers buttons, difficult to use and it just ends up being annoying. The only cutout in the case is where the ring switch is, which is to be expected really.

Does it bulk the phone up? Not really. The width of the iPhone 7+ is 7.1mm in its natural form, with this case it comes in at 9.4mm. So just over 2mm, which is nothing really.

As for the design itself, I opted for something a little different but colourful. I was on a bit of an opal kick and after adding this to my wishlist I kept thinking about how much I wanted it so bit the bullet and bought it.

In my previous post, I talked about how quick their delivery was but this time it was even quicker. It was dispatched from Hong Kong on December 31 and arrived at my door on January 9. The estimated delivery date was January 17 - January 24. Just over a week, with a bank holiday in there too, is once again brilliant for free delivery.

After free delivery, a discount code and $10 off I ended up paying $25.20 which is a smidge over £20. Some would say that's expensive for a case but each one is made to order and inspected by hand once finished to make sure it's in perfect condition. The cases really do last and I've had quite a few drops and my phone *fingers crossed* has managed to survive so far.

The site has a ton of designs but if nothing takes your fancy, you can even design your own.

$40 (£31.83) but you can save $10 off your first order using the code A2RRCH

Where to buy:

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Hello February.

It's been a little while since I've done one of these. I had all the intentions of making January a productive one but things happen and so I took a couple of weeks off. That's life I suppose.

» So at the start of January, I went home to Devon for a few days which I vlogged and uploaded to my channel. It was nice to get away for a little bit but I had some sad news whilst away.

» Unfortunately for the last half of 2016 my grandad was quite ill, and whilst we knew things weren't the best. The news that he'd passed away at home still came as a massive shock. It was his funeral last week and it was a nice service, as nice as things like that can be. It still doesn't seem real but I hope wherever he is, he's at peace and no longer in pain.

» There's nothing better than that fresh cut feeling. I can never get my hair to look quite as good as when you leave the hairdressers. Why is that? Either way, I've only visited my current hairdresser twice after a recommendation from a work friend, and I couldn't be happier with the way she cuts and styles it.

» I took a trip to Lush Oxford Street to check out their Valentine's collection, along with some Kitchen exclusives that made their way into the OS store. I was going to vlog it but guess which idiot didn't put their battery in the camera? Me of course. Perhaps I'll do one when they release their Easter things.

» I got unicorn nailzzz. Chrome and holographic powder nails seem to have really blown up lately. So I had to get me some. I was torn between pink and this gorgeous teal but since it's almost Valentine's I opted for the pink.

» I watched Sing yesterday and it's such a feel good film, jampacked with chart topping tunes and a good amount of laughs. Definetly a must see.

As for February plans, I'm keeping it fairly open. My mental health isn't in the best place right now so I don't want to be tied to plans and feel like I have to do things, even if I don't feel like it. I'm hoping to keep a steady flow of posts going for this month but we shall see ...

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A New YouTube Video?!

It's been a good five years since I was regularly posting videos on YouTube (all private now) but I've been wanting to get back into it for a little while now.

I recently went back home to Devon for a few days so decided to ease myself in and do a little vlog to start with.

I'd love you to give it a little watch and please like, comment and subscribe. Hope you like it!


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365 New Chances.

It feels a little weird making this most since we're almost a week into the new year. But I was pretty sick after Christmas and during the new year, so here I am. I wanted to do a little 'goals' (rather than resolutions post).

Better late than never, eh?

» Post every other day. Good quality posts. Well, I've already failed that haven't I? Nevertheless, I'd like to get back to regular blogging, it gives me an outlet and a little something to do. But I shouldn't stress if it doesn't always materialise. It pays to remember that this is a hobby alongside my full time job.

» Be back at my lowest adult weight. I did pretty well over Christmas only gaining half a pound, very proud of myself for that. Now it's time to really focus on the Slimming World plan and get back down to where I was previously. Get back to being happy and confident with myself again.

» Manage my money better. I think this is something I say every year but it's something I really need to start doing.

» Stop procrastinating. I do it all the time and then end up feeling bad about it afterwards. I'd like to get things done and end up leaving them until the last minute.

» Take more chances. Say yes to doing things I wouldn't ordinarily do, explore new places, meet new people and make new memories. In the same breathe I want to make sure I still say no to things that I don't feel comfortable with, or just plain don't want to do.

» Stress less. I get stressed out over the dumbest things and I can never seem to let them go. This is one of the top things I want to work on ridding from my life.

» Get more and better quality sleep. One of those things that usually evades me and makes me a right grumps. We could all do with a few more zzz's in our life.

So there's are just a few things I want to work towards. I'm sure they'll be more things I come up with along the way but it should be a good journey. Let's do this!

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