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Nike Premium Tennis Classic Trainers.

I think I've finally come to that age where I'm all about the comfy shoes. There will be occasions where I dig out the heels but for day to day wear you'll usually find me in a pair of Vans.

A couple of years back Nike released an insanely holographic high top which totally wasn't my style. But since then I've been on the hunt for iridescent trainers.  I came across these just by chance as I was looking for something else but I knew I had to get them.

I would apologise for the spam but I'm not even sorry, look how beaut they are! I tried to catch them in different lights as they just dance between a whole spectrum of colours.

As for comfort, I've been a big fan of Nike for years and they're my go to brand for trainers. They're always true to size and even come in half sizes if it's something you need. I find that a lot of shoe brands tend to forget thata half size can make all the difference.

I find overall once they're broken in a little, they're incredibly comfortable and last for a considerable amount of time.

If this style hadn't come with the iridescent flair I wouldn't have looked twice at it. It's a little too white since I'm usually wearing all black they stand out a little but they have that little something different about them.

They've done a number of different styles with the holographic details including the Air Force 1, Rosche, and the classic Air Max (next on my list). If you're looking for something a little different I think these definetly fit the bill.


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Hello September.

Are we seriously in September already? It won't be long before Christmas paraphernalia will be taking over. This year seems to have flown by, even more so than usual, does anyone else feel the same? I think we all say that every time we enter a new month but can life just slow down a little.

I thought I'd do a little recap of August as I love reading what everyone's been up to throughout the month. Plus it's been a little while since I last did one of these and I want to get back in the habit of writing them.

So what did I do in August?

» I've managed to go 27 years without experiencing the wonder that is Ikea. I know, I know absolute madness. But where I used to live the closest one was around 100 miles away and I never got around to going since it'd be a bit of a trek. Ever since the Reading Ikea opened I've been dying to go and it did not disappoint. I just want to fill my home with beautiful kitchen cabinets and cute little nick nacks.

» Meatballs. Mhmm, what can I say other than delicious? I made sure to bring some home with me.

» GBBO is back, finally! Oh, it feels like I've been waiting for ages. I'm not usually a fan of cooking shows but there's just something about it that I really love. Especially when it all goes tits up! Perhaps I shouldn't admit to it but I know I'm not alone. But the delicious cakes and marvellous creations just make me wish I was a little better at baking.

» My little Pepsi kitty got pretty sick. I had to pay a pretty penny to get her back on her feet again and feeling like her usual self (get pet insurance people, don't make my mistake). It was pretty odd to be away from her for three days along with not knowing if I'd be bringing her home or not was pretty stressful. But she's back with me now and getting lots of love and attention.

» For a while now I've been contemplating getting a Cineworld Unlimited card. There're so many good films being released at the moment so I bit the bullet and signed up. £17.40 a month lets you watch as many films as you wish! I watched The Purge: Election Year a couple of days ago, it was gruesome with more than a few scenes that'll make you jump. I also highly rate Finding Dory and The Secret Life Of Pets, both very different from The Purge so I guess you could say my tastes are pretty diverse.

I'm looking forward to September as I have a little time away from work. I tend not to take any during the summer holidays because I like my days to be as child free as possible. In that time I plan to chill out as much as possible and look after myself, along with scheduling plenty of fresh new content.

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Crown & Glory Bobby Pin Club - August.

Social media is a wonderful thing except for when it comes to surprises. Beauty subscriptions and the like are generally staggered when being despatched. I'm one of those that whilst I kinda love surprises, I hate the waiting. So I usually find myself stalking hashtags to see what everyone else got whilst I'm stuck at work.

I usually do that around the time of the month that Crown & Glory send out their BPC subscriptions but I completely forgot so it was a total surprise to me this time.

For August they teamed up with Lemon Freckles. An Etsy shop inspired by Toni's love of brightly coloured and cute things. She also runs a blog over at www.lemonfreckles.com which I've been binge reading.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't research the shop beforehand but I was pleasantly surprised. It's rather fitting that we finish summer with a brightly coloured aqua and lilac mermaid shell, with yellow and coral details along with a touch of iridescent glitter. Finished off with a gold toned pin.

Compared to previous months this is a little less fussy in it's design but I think it's just as lovely. It doesn't need any extras, the colours and the hint of sparkle are all it needs. I can imagine this looking particularly beautiful in blue and turquoise hair, showing your inner mermaid.

Sign ups for next month open on September 1st so get in their quick if you want a place.

£5 per month

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Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette.

Just recently I posted about the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette. Today I wanted to talk about something a little more girly and perhaps easier to wear. I mentioned before that Sugarpill is definitely known for their bright mattes which I know isn't for everyone.

The shades are available in the palette format for around £25 depending on where you get it from. You can also buy the shadow pans individually for £9ish but buying it as a palette makes the individual pan price significantly cheaper.

Kitten Parade is described as a shimmery peach with an opulent gold sheen.

Frostine is a frosty pale lavender that almost looks to be a matte shade, it does have the slightest hint of shimmer in it.

CandyCrush is a glistening mint pearl but it looks a look more aqua blue, with a white shimmer.

Hotsy Totsy is a bright cool-toned magenta full of iridescent sparkles but an overall matte finish.

The overall feel of the palette definitely has a distinctly more girly feel to it. The mint and pearl packaging has a much larger mirror than the Cold Chemistry due to the more uniform shape of it. The kitten on the front is a cute little addition and we all know I love anything with cats on!

As for the shades, I'm struggling to pick a favourite from the first three. Hotsy Totsy is a lovely shade but a little harder to work with because it's such a bright colour. I don't want to be looking like I have pink eye.

The shades do have a slightly drier texture which could make it difficult to apply but I find the best way is patting rather than sweeping. But I use this technique when applying any shadows. They apply better on the eye on top of a good primer such as Urban Decay's Primer Potion and blend out with ease.

I really like this palette though I feel you can't wear all the shades for one eye look. Each individual shade brings a little something to a netural look when popped in the centre of the lid and they look beautiful alongside other complimenting colours.

It's definetly more of a wearable palette whether you want to do a wash of colour on the lids or a full blown dramatic eye. If you haven't tried the brand before Kitten Parade is a great starter shadow if you're not sure about purchasing the entire palette.

£24.95 / 4 x 3.5g
£8.95 / 3.5g single shadow

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Birchbox - Dive In.

Birchbox has switched things up again by getting rid of the box completely this month. Instead replacing it with a dove grey neoprene bag with a pop of neon colour. They're chosen at random from pink, yellow, turquoise and orange.

I actually really rather like this bag, I would probably use it for things such as shampoo and the like when travelling. If it leaked it would be easy to rinse it out and make it clean again.

Merci Handy - Love & Hand Cleansing Gel - Black Vanilla
£2.99 / 30ml
It's kind of funny to me that I received this as a few days before getting my box I used up some of my Birchbox points. To make the order up to £30 I popped this in my basket, the exact same scent. Good job I like it since I now have two! It reminds me a lot of ones from Bath And Body Works, same shape bottle they used to use and it has those funny little beads inside. As for the scent, it's pretty inoffensive, not overly sweet. Leaves hands feeling fresh and clean without any kind of sticky residue.

Voya - Silky By Nature Shampoo
£18 / 200ml
I haven't had a chance to use this yet and I wasn't overly excited about it until I smelt it. Mmm yes! It's packed full of oils such as sweet basil, lemon peel, lime, and mandarin just to name a few. This gives it a deliciously zingy scent which feels really uplifting. The vitamins and minerals it contains help to keep hair healthy and shiny.

Anatomicals - The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub
£3.99 / 200ml
I've used Anatomicals in the past and have enjoyed their products, from the puns to the packaging. It all seems to fit together and give an overall more fun vibe. I tend to me more careful with exfoliators as the dangers of microbeads have once again hit headlines. I researched to make sure and this doesn't contain any, instead, it uses walnut shell to exfoliate. It comes with a pink grapefruit scent so it's definitely one of those that should be used in the morning.

Nude - Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly
£32 / 100ml
The sample size of this is crazy small which is understandable since it's rather expensive. I haven't used it yet but I have a feeling it won't even cover half of my moon face!

Marcelle - Waterproof Eyeliner - Mulberry
£10.50 / 1.2g
There was a choice between a brown and a purple liner. I very rarely wear brown so I opted for the Mulberry shade. It's a dusky greyed purple but when the light hits it you get a wonderful purple shimmer that's almost hard to capture. Once on this liner stays put until you remove it with a cleansing balm at the end of the day.

Amie Skincare - Morning Clear Purifying Face Wash
£4.95 / 150ml
Recently I've been a lot stricter with my skincare routine so I'm trying not to disturb it too much. This cleanser is soap free but still gives you perfectly refreshed skin. It's full of active ingredients such as mayblossom and elderflower, helping with problematic skin. Along with cocoa seed butter and sweet almond oil that keeps skin hydrated.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Get £5 worth of Birchbox points when you sign up here

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Pandora Essence.

Pandora seems to be one of those things that once you start buying, it becomes a bit of an addiction. Ever since I received my 'moments' bracelet as a Christmas gift, I've spent countless hours browsing their website and adding things to my wishlist.

The Essence line is slightly different in the way they work. First off, the bracelets are slightly thinner. At present, you can choose from a standard snake chain bracelet, a silver bangle, a silver ball chain or a two tone bracelet which features a 14ct gold clasp. All the Essence bracelets feature a spherical clasp.

As for the charms, they tend to be somewhat more simplistic in design. One of their main features is that they're lined with silicone. This allows the charms to be fixed in one place on the bracelet, meaning they don't slide around. This means that you can't use these on the regular bracelets and vice versa.

They also tend to represent your inner qualities such as compassion, friendship, courage and wisdom just to name a few. This is stamped on the silver portion of the core, which serves as a little reminder. Especially in my case.

Essence Silver Bangle
I decided to go for the bangle option as I didn't like the look of the silver ball chain bracelet and I wanted something a little different to offset my regular Pandora bracelet. I did think this would be awkward to get on and off but you just twist the ends and it opens up easily enough. The bangle uses metal memory which means that it just springs straight back into place once you let it go. It can on occasion be a little fiddly to do the clasp up but you get used to it.

Essence Positivity Charm
I knew straight away that I wanted this charm. Not only because of the marble-like pattern but the quality it represents also. Positivity is something I severely lack so I thought it'd be a sweet little daily reminder. The charm has a sterling silver core encased in a magnesite surrounding. Since this is a natural stone there can be variations between charms, as seen in my last photo. I opted for the left-hand charm as I wasn't particularly happy with the first one I had. That's one of the reasons I prefer buying in person but I didn't this time around. That'll teach me!

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