Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette.

Coastal Scents is a completely new brand to me. Which I'd only heard of through watching YouTube tutorials and hauls. Everyone was giving great reviews about the 88 Shimmer Palette as it has every colour you could possibly want, and then some.

As I've only been using M.A.C cosmetics for the past 18 months I was quite cautious about buying this, even though everyone was saying they were just as pigmented as M.A.C eyeshadows. I still had to think this over because before I found the wonderous world of M.A.C I used cheaper brands which hardly lasted.

After a lot of deliberation I finally decided to purchase it. I'm always wary about puchasing from non UK sites. Even if they do ship world wide. I found a UK based site out of pure luck. Here. So I decided to go ahead and get it. Delivery was really quick, it came 2 days after I placed my order.

I can't stop using it! I've had it a month now. And I've barely touched my M.A.C shadows. I will definetly still be buying M.A.C shadows but this is a great back up. At only £29.99 it's great if you're on a budget or if you're just starting to experiment with make up. Here's a bit of maths for you. £29.99 / 88 (Costal Scents shadows) = 0.34 per eyeshadow. Where can you get an eyeshadow for 34p?! 88 (M.A.C eyeshadows) x £9.79 (Current retail price) = £861.52.

Now, which amount would you rather spend?