Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle.

What says.
Exclusive protein complex prompts fast nail growth. For soft, bitten, thin or damaged nails that just won’t grow.
Soy protein binds moisture to the nails - strengthening and lengthening without brittleness.
Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
Collagen and multi-vitamins stimulate healthy nail growth for visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days.

I remember seeing this advertised in a magazine years ago, back when I was at school. This really appealed to me as I rarely consume any form of calcium. (Yes, I’ve tried taking vitamins but I am so forgetful!) Which in turns make my nails really weak and the top layers always seem to peel away.

I persuaded my Mum to get it for me and I’ve been using it ever since. I know some people much prefer O.P.I Nail Envy but it’s twice as much as Nail Growth Miracle, which does exactly what I need it to.

I’ve recently heard formaldehyde can be bad for nails as it makes them peel but I don’t find this a problem at all. I Googled this the other day and found out that only prolonged use of formaldehyde causes nails to split. So I guess it'd be fine to use this till I get my nails the length I want!

I hadn’t used this for quite a while, I was trying to let them grow on them own but they just kept breaking. So I repurchased this last Friday. So I’ve been using it for just over a week. I forgot how good it really is. It makes my nails grow faster and look a lot better! This is definitely my holy grail for nails.

My nails today: