Cargo LashActivator™ Review (Day 1).

After much stress this morning me and my Dad finally manage to track down my parcel. Which means I woke up at 7.30 (after 3 hours sleep) for no reason at all!

Moving on, I went onto the Boots site on Saturday to have a look at getting Dior Blackout again. It's extremely expensive but let's be honest, M.A.C mascaras are shocking and Dior Blackout is the only mascara that's ever worked for me. I saw on the home page an advert for 'Cargo LashActivator™' and was like ooh what's that?!

What says:
Are they real or are they fake? Thanks to the beauty innovators at CARGO Cosmetics, only you will know if those long, luscious lashes are naturally yours. This summer, CARGO unveils LashActivator™, a nourishing boost for your lashes has been proven to visibly increase the appearance of natural lash length and fullness, while promoting lash vitality and reducing lash loss. In just 30 days, new CARGO LashActivator™ helps boost the appearance of lash length by more than 2 ½ times, compared to regular mascara.

They are having a really big problem with keeping it in stock at the moment, so you can email them here and they'll let you know when they're getting more in. I waited up all night Monday night/Tuesday morning, mainly because I couldn't sleep and because I was dying to get my hands on this. When the site was finally updated I placed my order. Needless to say it only stayed in stock for around 5 hours.

The first thing I noticed about this was the brush. It's really flexible and has a lot of fine bristles.

If you compare this picture ^ to the first picture in my last post, you can see a big difference.

This fairs up pretty well considering I didn't curl my lashes before hand and normally my lashes like to stay pretty straight.

Just two cons really but it wouldn't put me off re-purchasing it. Because the brush is so flexible it can get pretty messy if you're not careful and it takes a lot longer to dry then other mascaras.

So far I really like this and really hope it helps my lashes.