M.A.C Double Dazzle Review.

Summer simplified to the two major L's...Lips and Lashes! Lips take the lead with Dazzleglass: glittering, shimmering, comfortably creamy. Lashes rise to the occasion with glamorous Dazzle Lash. Double your dazzle, you'll outshine everyone!

Ok so I get that this is well over due but my laptop died and I had to wait to buy a new one. Plus I was debating whether to get the three limited edition shades, I decided not to since they didn't really stand out to me.

I got four things from this collection, all of which are permanent.

I also got Dazzle Lash which doesn't deserve a review as it was rubbish. :(

Love Alert is a raspberry red with red pearl and I love this. As it's not a solid colour, I can still wear this and get away with dramatic eyes at the same time.
Funtabulous is purple with violet pearl. This I also love because I'm really loving the whole purple lips thing at the moment. So this is great for that. Out of all three this is the one I have worn most.
Sugarrimmed is milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl. This is fantastic for a nude lip with a bit of sparkle.

All in all I love Dazzleglasses. I want a few of the others but since they're all permanent I don't need to rush out and buy them before they disappear. I also might wait and just get more of the Dazzleglass Cremes which are out in September for the US, so I'm guessing October for UK release? But they look so pigmented. I definitely want Cream Allure.