M.A.C Euristocrats II Review.

Seven hot new Dazzleglass shades to add the sheen, the sparkle, and the ooh-la-la that never fails to entertain. They're the "something extra" we've added to the Lipstick and Dazzleglass collection Euristocrats can't get enough of. More, more, more!

I was super super excited when I got told about this collection as I love Dazzleglass's. Can't say I'm really bothered by the lipsticks since they are all permanent in Europe.

Via Veneto is a light violet with blue pearl. I've already expressed my love for anything purple, especially lips, many a times in this blog. But I love this! It's not as obviously purple as Funtabulous (from Double Dazzle). It's such a nice change to a nude lip that isn't pink/beige.
Internationalist is a yellow pink with blue pearl. I love anything with blue in as well. Even though this is staying permanent I wanted to get it and try it now and I'm so glad I did. I love it.
Rue D' Rouge is a light red with pink pearl. As soon as I got this out of the box I could have cried. It looks almost exactly like Love Alert (from Double Dazzle) in the vial.

You can notice a very slight difference when they're in the vial but when they're swatched you can see the difference. Rue D' Rouge is quite obviously red where as Love Alert is a pink red. I can't say I've been wearing this as much as I could, I feel kind of cheated that they're so alike but I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

Love this collection, even if I did only get a couple things. I will always love Dazzleglass's even if they are more expensive then Lipglass, for less product. I can't resist the sparkly-ness.