M.A.C Baby Bloom Review (Part 1).

Shift your look to the sunny side of the street but keep face and lips soft, lightly-tinted, everyday sun-safe! Choose from five neutral SPF 15 shades of new Studio Moisture Tint, and five soft-as-air shades of new Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm.

Another not so great collection by M.A.C or so I thought. When I saw the promo pics for this a while back, I will admit it didn't stir an ounce of excitement in me. Not one little bit. I just thought lip balms ... Well that's going to be great. I take back what I thought.

I plan on getting the Studio Moisture Tint which I'll do in a Part 2 blog.

For now ... Suntints.

Lilt Of Lily is a soft creamy pale pink
Moist Plum is a light lilac with very fine pearl.

I'll be the first to admit these aren't the most pigmented lip products available. And they're kinda of pricey, they're just lip balms after all right? And you could get 4 tubs of Carmex (or there abouts) for around the same price. Wrong. I've had a M.A.C Tendertone before this and a Tinted Lip Conditioner which are great but they feel kind of 'greasy' to me and heavy on the lips. These are amazing to wear. They give a glossy look to the lip without the sticky feeling of wearing a gloss and are really light on the lips. Absolute pleasure wearing these and they last for ages! I've had them for just over a week now and I can't praise them enough. I'm trying to refrain from buying anymore as I have enough lip products as it is. :(