I'm Back. :)

Yes I am. Did you miss me? Nah, didn't think so. :P But yes I'm back, and have lots of blogs to do. I just knew that if I did it when I was feeling crappy I wouldn't have but as much effort into it.

Anyway ...

So I ordered a tiny little M.A.C haul when I got paid on Friday, just because I wanted to make sure I got the much talked about, Feline Kohl Power. And now it's all mine. :D I shall be getting more from the Dazzleglass collection, not so sure on the others but I've been shopping with M.A.C for nearly two years now and I have never been to a counter or a free standing store. But I'm off to Plymouth on Thursday and there's a counter there and a Lush store. :D Ooh I'm excited.

This is what I got today:

It only dawned on me today, that when I buy stuff from M.A.C I only review and swatch the limited edition things. So ... from now on I'm going to be reviewing everything I buy. :)

Expect reviews for this little lot sometime after I've been to Plymouth.