Lush Haul.

On Thursday I made a visit to the Lush shop in Drake Circus (Plymouth), if you haven't been there and you live in the south you should! It's amazing. I was on such a high from Urban Decay and M.A.C (I'm doing the blogs back to front, I know!) that was until I got to Lush.

So in Fi and I go with all our bags as this was one of the last places we were visiting and we were both in such a good mood until one of the sales assistants really really pissed me off! (So much so that I needed that swear word!) Now I know if you're an SA you must have to suggest things to people and tell them about offers but she would not give it up. Firstly she was all like, do you want any help and I politely replied no thank you. Then 2 seconds later she was back again oh why don't you come and try this. I was like no, really I'm fine. Then as we walking round past the shower jellies she was like give me your hand and shoved this blue stuff into it, when I didn't ask for it to be there in the first place. Then she noticed my M.A.C bag and was like omg you have make up? I was like yes. She was like what've you bought, what've you bought? I was just like make up ... ¬_¬ She was like I know but get it out show me, I wanna see! I'm sorry love but no. I had 16 items in that bag (not boasting, just saying) and I don't want to get them all out just to show you what they are. Good lord. She really persisted. Going on at us the whole time we were there. There was also 3 other SA's there and they left me to it like I asked. But oh no would you like to try this? Smell this! Did you hear about this offer?


When I go again I will be avoiding the shop like the plague if she is in there. Has anyone else had an expierence like this in Lush?

Moving on, this is what I got:

I also had the Star Melt but I used it last night.

Shall review these soon. :)