M.A.C In Store Haul.

I love love love my M.A.C but it's a bit of a misson to get to Plymouth, 2 and a half hours on the train. An hour and a half if you drive, which I can't legally. And the fact that I wasn't exactly sure where it was stopped me from going to look for it. Which meant for the past 2 years I have got all my M.A.C off the official website and had to use numerous blogs for real to life swatches. Some of the ones on the site can be appauling. Ahem. Moving on.

I'd heard on quite a few blogs that people have had bad experiences with going to M.A.C counters because the staff pay little or no interest to them. I didn't have that trouble as soon as I made my way over from Urban Decay they were all like wow I love your make up etc etc and being really friendly. I of course admitted I was a M.A.C addict at heart. Off I went to look at the brushes then one of the MUA's was like if you're going to get brushes you really should get the Cleanser. I was like it's ok, I already have it! She replied with, oh yes, I forgot you're a true M.A.C addict! They asked if I need help and I said that I was fine and they left me to it. I swatched Lipsticks, the new Dazzleglass's and Lipglass's and the same girl came over and handed me some wipes so I could get rid of the sticky mess all over my hand and asked if I would like her to get me the ones I had picked out. At this point I asked her about Back 2 M.A.C - ing and gave her a carrier bag load of stuff she counted it all out and gave me 3 items back for next time and told me I could have my 3 Lipsticks that I had picked out, free. Then kept all the things I'd picked out behind the counter for when I was ready to pay. One of them also made a comment on how suprised they were that I didn't have the Liquidlast Liners that I picked out. I said I didn't think they'd be that good and she informed me they were waterproof, which I didn't know. I ended up putting back a few things because I didn't want to put any money on my card, I just wanted to use the cash I had. I told her how much I wanted to get it down to and I took off a few eyeshadows I can live without for now. She then handed me my reciepts and explained that she'd crossed through the things she'd taken off and that it was more then the amount I said I had (By £8 give or take) but said she'd let me have it for said amount. I'm really not sure she would have done that if I wasn't spending as much as I did. But needless to say I went away happy and 3 days later and I'm still on a high about it.

Sorry for the mega long post, just wanted to put my first experience out there as I have read some bad ones but these girls were genuinely friendly and helpful.

What I got:

I will be reviewing everything I got at M.A.C because all of these products are amazing.