Urban Decay Haul.

Walking into House Of Fraser (Plymouth) for the first time ever was like walking into a dream. I had to tear myself away from the gigantic M.A.C display in the window first though. ;D I hot footed it straight past M.A.C as I knew that would be the last place I wanted to go, that way I could spend my remaining cash. What happens to be right next to the M.A.C counter? An Urban Decay one! :D

As no where close to me sold this I decided I'd have a look, expecting it to be pretty meh. There has been so much hype on the Primer Potion but more on that later, that I was hesitant to believe it. As I was browsing the products the SA was telling me how good the shadows were while I was admiring them and she kindly pointed me in the way of the Volume II Book Of Shadows. She then asked if I would be willing to let her redo my make up. It was fine besides creasing in my eyeshadow. (Gone are the days of M.A.C Prep + Prime Eye!) I agreed and she got to work on taking everyhthing off and reapplying. Lovely, lovely girl though, American and really down to earth. I honestly felt like I was with a best friend that I'd known for years, I was that comfortable. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of what she did because we got back on the last train and I didn't get home till 11 so I looked slightly tired. She started the makeover at about 2.30 or so? And I didn't sleep till 2.30AM so I had my make up on for a good 11 hours and it still looked amazing as when she first applied it, I left it on as long as I could because I really didn't want to take it off. After making my purchases we bidded farewell and she made me promise I would come back and let her do my make up again because she loved doing bright, sparkly and dramatic eyes.

Here's what I got, that I felt in no way pressured to buy:

Reviews to follow.