China Glaze - DV8 / Giveaway Update.

This is a polish I've been meaning to review for such a long time but I can never picture it right. I still haven't managed to because the sun has been hiding whenever I've had it on.

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite topcoat:

This is from the China Glaze OMG collection which are all holographics, some more then others. This is one of the not so holographics, not to say it isn't at all but it isn't as blindingly obviously. As I took this photo whilst it was overcast the holograpic side to it is barely visible, but you can just see it on the index finger. When sunlight hits it, it shines a yellowy/orange colour which is so so pretty. As always I had no trouble with applying this. I will post this again when I can get some better pictures of it.

I've also decided to wait till I get to 100 followers to hold a giveway. Why? Well I'm only 16 off reaching 100 and I really want to do one then so I personally think it would be better for me to wait until then. If you know anyone who is looking for new blogs to read definitely point them in my direction. ;) I am always grateful and I'm so looking forward to holding this giveaway if I get to 100.