China Glaze - Kaleidoscope Him Out.

I have been dying to review this polish since I got it back in September, but at the time I got it I was having a nail crisis and couldn't wear it. By the time I got around to wearing it there was no sun! Typical. It seemed every time I did wear it the sun would vanish until I took it off. Well what do you know, Christmas day I manage to catch some rays of sunshine whilst I'm still wearing it! Finally ...

Please all say hello to my right hand as well, this hands is usually far from perfect but I noticed a chip in my left index finger and started picking it ... You're not getting a look at that. :P

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite top coat:

Enlarge the pictures for a better look.

This is a light sky blue with rainbow holographic glitter from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection. I saw this on someone else's blog way back and was like wow, I have to have that! After tracking it down I instantly fell in love. It's extremely holographic, obviously. Unlike GOSH Holographic, this is much easier to apply. The formula seems quite thin on the first coat but with another one on top of that it's completely opaque. There's a lot less dragging on this than some other holographic polishes I've tried. If you're not good at applying holographics I urge you to try this, it really does apply amazingly. And what's more the result at the end of it is also amazing. There is quite a bit of tip wear in these photos but I have had in for a few days now and I only noticed I had any from these pictures, it's really not that noticeable. I tried as best I could to get the polish to show up as close to possible as it appears in real life but my camera wasn't having any of it. The main base colour is mixture between the first two pictures. I love love love this and I'm sure I'll be wearing this all summer long.

What do you think of holographic polishes? Too much? Let me know. :)

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