Lush Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar Review / Christmas.

This review is long overdue but I've been so busy with Christmas, you know how it is. :(

A sparkly, sexy bath for a night on the town. Flosty Gritter is a party bath. Its blend of balancing lavender and sweet vanilla makes an irresistibly attractive scent. Don't be surprised if people are drawn to your pink sparkles and stay within sniffing distance for the rest of the evening. The name? Well, our product developer, Noriko Muira, gets her 'r's and 'l's mixed up, as they sound the same in Japanese. Guess what she wrote on the jar of frosty glitter that gives Flosty Gritter its pink sparkles?

I decided to use a third of this, I could have made the piece a little smaller but what the hell. ;)

The main reason I got this was it's sparkly, pink and smells very sweet. Not in a candy way though. The vanilla and the lavender mix well together. I don't actually like lavender for the most part, I find it too strong and it gives me a head ache. In this though it's very subtle. I didn't find it was that sparkly once in the bath which was a shame. I'd love to be covered in glitter. ;D It did make the water quite a bright pink though and produced lots of lovely bubbles. I think Lush Bubble Bars are good value for money. I managed to get about 5 uses out of this bar which I was not expecting. I definitely would repurchase this once I've tried some others.

If anyone else has/wants to try this, what are your thoughts?

And last but not least I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Don't eat or drink too much. ;) I'm off to finish watching The Corpse Bride (ITV) but I shall be back in a few days with more posts.

Merry Christmas. :)