Nails Inc. - The Thames / Winter Nail Trends 09.

Keeping up with this years fall/winter nail trends I decided to actually use the grey I had purchased back in April.

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite top coat:

This is almost opaque in one coat. But I added a second just to make sure I'd covered everything and there was no streaky bits or nail showing through. As you can tell by the picture, doing this has actually made it somewhat darker then the colour you see in the bottle. Application was a lot better then some of the Nails Inc. polishes that I've recently been having trouble with, which I'm sure to blog about eventually. I only managed to keep this on for a few days due to work but it wore really well. My only gripe is that I love bright colours, sparkle, glitter, duochrome, holographics. Anything on a polish! But this kind of bored me. I don't know, I always liked the look of grey nails which is what made me buy this. I think if it was perhaps a little lighter I'd like it more. I might try mixing in some white if I wear it again.

What do we think of grey nails and the nail trends for fall/winter?