Quick Tips: Depotting M.A.C Eyeshadows.

When I first decided to start depotting M.A.C Eyeshadows I didn't really want to use my only pair of hair straighteners, so I opted on doing it the plier way. I have since learnt my lesson, more on that in a minute.

Today I had 3 shadows I've been meaning to depot for ages. I decided to use the flat iron way this time. You can search for this on YouTube and get loads of videos for it.

Basically what I did was get the pan and the top piece of the casing out, place that on top of a piece of toilet paper that was over my straighteners, I didn't want to put it directly on it. Wait 30 seconds or so, check the bottom, it will start going white, then I just push gently from the middle so that it pops out. You might have to put it back on the straightener and let the glue melt a bit more.

Doing it this way meant I had 3 completely clean and not broken pans:

It also meant I could get the labels off the bottom. To do this I just placed the eyeshadow case directly onto my straightener, waited 30 seconds or so till it got a bubble around the edge and peeled it off with a pair of tweezers and put it over the magnet on the bottom of the pans:

If you think this sounds like too much effort, I urge you to try it. I depotted 3 shadows in 11 minutes.

Please, please, PLEASE, yes I'm begging, do not use the plier method to do this or you will ruin your shadows.

Case in point 1:

Case in point 2, this is partially down to pliers and partially down to dropping my palette:

Flat irons all the way! :)

I'm thinking of maybe doing more posts with quick tips like this, opinions are always welcome.