Rainbow Lucky Charms


Nails Inc. - Hanover Street.

Like brights? This is definetly a must!

Applied with two coats:

My nails look slightly messy but I was rushing.

This has to be one of the most amazing colours I think I have ever seen for a nail varnish. This is a certain 'go to' Summer colour, in my opinion!


Face Of The Day.

I'm feeling really happy and Summery today even though the sun isn’t out properly yet.

This is my look for work today:

Moisture Lush Cream.
Prep + Prime Face SPF 50.
Matte Gel.
Studio Finish Concealer - NW15.
Studio Fix Fluid - NW15.
Eyebrow Pencil - Stud.
Powder Blush - Well Dressed.
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

Prep + Prime Eye - Light.
Powder Eye Shadow - Chrome Yellow (All over lid), Orange (Crease, outer V).
Liquid Eye Liner - Boot Black.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash - Black.
Plush Lash - Plush Black.

Hello Kitty Lipglass - Mimmy (LE).


Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle.

What www.sallyhansen.com says.
Exclusive protein complex prompts fast nail growth. For soft, bitten, thin or damaged nails that just won’t grow.
Soy protein binds moisture to the nails - strengthening and lengthening without brittleness.
Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
Collagen and multi-vitamins stimulate healthy nail growth for visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days.

I remember seeing this advertised in a magazine years ago, back when I was at school. This really appealed to me as I rarely consume any form of calcium. (Yes, I’ve tried taking vitamins but I am so forgetful!) Which in turns make my nails really weak and the top layers always seem to peel away.

I persuaded my Mum to get it for me and I’ve been using it ever since. I know some people much prefer O.P.I Nail Envy but it’s twice as much as Nail Growth Miracle, which does exactly what I need it to.

I’ve recently heard formaldehyde can be bad for nails as it makes them peel but I don’t find this a problem at all. I Googled this the other day and found out that only prolonged use of formaldehyde causes nails to split. So I guess it'd be fine to use this till I get my nails the length I want!

I hadn’t used this for quite a while, I was trying to let them grow on them own but they just kept breaking. So I repurchased this last Friday. So I’ve been using it for just over a week. I forgot how good it really is. It makes my nails grow faster and look a lot better! This is definitely my holy grail for nails.

My nails today:


Decléor Matifying Lotion (Toner) Review.

I've never used a toner before but I figured I better start, since I’m trying to look after my skin as best I can.

I decided to browse the Boots site to see what I could find on there and I must say they have a massive selection. This stuck out to me the most though as I always seem to get a shiny nose later in the day and powder makes it look even worse. I also know Decléor have a really good reputation for their products.

What Boots.com says:
This fresh alcohol-free toner, specially formulated for oily and combination skin, refreshes, purifies and re-balances the skin.

I really wanted to review this after only a couple of days but I waited it out in case I ended up with some kind of major break out or something. Thankfully after a week of using this I haven’t.

It smells amazing! Due to some of the ingredients like, peppermint leaf water, ginger root extract and papaya fruit extract. It’s like nothing I’ve smelt before but it smells really fresh.

It also contains tea tree leaf oil and witch hazel extract to prevent break outs. I was expecting it to smell really strongly of both of these ingredients. I didn’t notice it till after I’d applied it to my face. You get the fresh almost fruity scent and then you can smell the tea tree and witch hazel, neither of which I like the smell of but they aren’t overpowering and then it goes back to being the original scent. I also noticed through out the day every now and then I’d get slight hints of the original scent which was really nice.

I adore this toner, being the only one I’ve ever used I have nothing to compare it to but I shall definitely be sticking with this. The nice thing is it doesn’t make your face 100% matte it leaves it with a healthy glow. So if you have got really oily or combination skin I definitely recommend this to you. I must admit it is more expensive then a lot of the other toners on the market but I really do like this and have nothing bad to say about it.


Nails Inc. - 80 Fulham Road.

What NailsInc.com says:
Limited edition grey nail polish with a lilac twist – inspired by top British designer Amanda Wakeley. Wear this delicate polish for an uber fashionable look.

Applied with two coats:

I got this around the start of the year when everyone was going for grey nails, so I thought this would be good even though it's not completely grey. I thought it'd just be the slightest hint of lilac because in the bottle it looks grey with a lilac opalescence but when applies it looks a lot more purple. Which I don't mind. I wouldn't really wear this colour during Summer, but I do really like it.

I love Nails Inc. polishes because they are super glossy, apply really well and are very opaque. Oops, I forgot to mention long lasting! I have lots more that I shall be doing reviews on soon!


Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette.

Coastal Scents is a completely new brand to me. Which I'd only heard of through watching YouTube tutorials and hauls. Everyone was giving great reviews about the 88 Shimmer Palette as it has every colour you could possibly want, and then some.

As I've only been using M.A.C cosmetics for the past 18 months I was quite cautious about buying this, even though everyone was saying they were just as pigmented as M.A.C eyeshadows. I still had to think this over because before I found the wonderous world of M.A.C I used cheaper brands which hardly lasted.

After a lot of deliberation I finally decided to purchase it. I'm always wary about puchasing from non UK sites. Even if they do ship world wide. I found a UK based site out of pure luck. Here. So I decided to go ahead and get it. Delivery was really quick, it came 2 days after I placed my order.

I can't stop using it! I've had it a month now. And I've barely touched my M.A.C shadows. I will definetly still be buying M.A.C shadows but this is a great back up. At only £29.99 it's great if you're on a budget or if you're just starting to experiment with make up. Here's a bit of maths for you. £29.99 / 88 (Costal Scents shadows) = 0.34 per eyeshadow. Where can you get an eyeshadow for 34p?! 88 (M.A.C eyeshadows) x £9.79 (Current retail price) = £861.52.

Now, which amount would you rather spend?