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Cargo LashActivator™ Review (A Week Later).

I've had this product a week now and to be honest, I was skeptical about it not working. I would have given myself a good kick if it hadn't, after wasting so much money on it.

But I come bearing good news and an amazing photo.

I've been super tired this week so I've only actually applied this 5 times. Sorry for the over exposed photo, it shows the lashes a lot better then without the flash.

After 5 applications (once again without curling):

How good do they look? I'm really suprised by this actually because honestly my lashes are rubbish and I can buy any mascara I like (bar Dior Blackout) and it will do nothing but clump them up and make it look like I have about 5 lashes on each eye. I'm super excited about what a month of using this will be like.

I also did something today that I've never done before in my whole life. I used 3 of the brown (with gold undertones) shadows from the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette. Having brown eyes I didn't think it would look at all nice but I teamed it with a nude lip and it worked really well as an everyday look.


Cargo LashActivator™ Review (Day 1).

After much stress this morning me and my Dad finally manage to track down my parcel. Which means I woke up at 7.30 (after 3 hours sleep) for no reason at all!

Moving on, I went onto the Boots site on Saturday to have a look at getting Dior Blackout again. It's extremely expensive but let's be honest, M.A.C mascaras are shocking and Dior Blackout is the only mascara that's ever worked for me. I saw on the home page an advert for 'Cargo LashActivator™' and was like ooh what's that?!

What www.boots.com says:
Are they real or are they fake? Thanks to the beauty innovators at CARGO Cosmetics, only you will know if those long, luscious lashes are naturally yours. This summer, CARGO unveils LashActivator™, a nourishing boost for your lashes has been proven to visibly increase the appearance of natural lash length and fullness, while promoting lash vitality and reducing lash loss. In just 30 days, new CARGO LashActivator™ helps boost the appearance of lash length by more than 2 ½ times, compared to regular mascara.

They are having a really big problem with keeping it in stock at the moment, so you can email them here and they'll let you know when they're getting more in. I waited up all night Monday night/Tuesday morning, mainly because I couldn't sleep and because I was dying to get my hands on this. When the site was finally updated I placed my order. Needless to say it only stayed in stock for around 5 hours.

The first thing I noticed about this was the brush. It's really flexible and has a lot of fine bristles.

If you compare this picture ^ to the first picture in my last post, you can see a big difference.

This fairs up pretty well considering I didn't curl my lashes before hand and normally my lashes like to stay pretty straight.

Just two cons really but it wouldn't put me off re-purchasing it. Because the brush is so flexible it can get pretty messy if you're not careful and it takes a lot longer to dry then other mascaras.

So far I really like this and really hope it helps my lashes.

(Yesterdays) Face Of The Day.

So I was feeling pretty lazy before I went to work but I opted for brights, of course. ;D

My look for work yesterday evening:

All products are M.A.C unless otherwise stated.

Moisture Lush Cream.
Prep + Prime Face SPF 50.
Matte Gel.
Studio Finish Concealer - NW15.
Studio Fix Fluid - NW15.
Powder Blush - Well Dressed.
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

Prep + Prime - Light.
Pigment - Mutiny (Main lid colour) (LE).
Powder Eyeshadow - Clarity (Outer corner) (DC).
Fluidline - Blacktrack (Upper lashline).
Shadestick - Sea Me (Lower lashline) (DC).
Benefit Bad Gal Lash - Black.
Dazzle Lash - Black Dazzle.

Dazzleglass - Sugarrimmed (LE).


M.A.C Double Dazzle Review.

Summer simplified to the two major L's...Lips and Lashes! Lips take the lead with Dazzleglass: glittering, shimmering, comfortably creamy. Lashes rise to the occasion with glamorous Dazzle Lash. Double your dazzle, you'll outshine everyone!

Ok so I get that this is well over due but my laptop died and I had to wait to buy a new one. Plus I was debating whether to get the three limited edition shades, I decided not to since they didn't really stand out to me.

I got four things from this collection, all of which are permanent.

I also got Dazzle Lash which doesn't deserve a review as it was rubbish. :(

Love Alert is a raspberry red with red pearl and I love this. As it's not a solid colour, I can still wear this and get away with dramatic eyes at the same time.
Funtabulous is purple with violet pearl. This I also love because I'm really loving the whole purple lips thing at the moment. So this is great for that. Out of all three this is the one I have worn most.
Sugarrimmed is milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl. This is fantastic for a nude lip with a bit of sparkle.

All in all I love Dazzleglasses. I want a few of the others but since they're all permanent I don't need to rush out and buy them before they disappear. I also might wait and just get more of the Dazzleglass Cremes which are out in September for the US, so I'm guessing October for UK release? But they look so pigmented. I definitely want Cream Allure.


M.A.C Style Warrior Review.

Your new glamour armour of heroic hues and courageous contrasts: eclectically expressive cross-cultural colour. Everything from Lipglass to Beauty Powder Blush exotically packaged to liberate the animal spirit of Woman, Wild Things and Style Warriors everywhere.

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the promo pictures for this collection on peoples blogs I took an instant dislike to it and I promised myself I wouldn’t give in. What do you know, I broke that promise and gave in. I really didn’t understand the big deal with it at first. The gold packaging was horrible along with the animal print (I’m all for a bit of zebra print … usually!) along with the ridiculous silver print. The packaging itself completely put me off so I didn’t take much notice of the actual colours. I finally came round and decided to try some of it though.

Then I saw Violet Fire Nail Lacquer and was like I must get that!

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite top coat:

This to me, is the perfect purple. I was a little gutted it came in a black box though. I’ve really been liking purples recently, which shows in my last blog. This is supposed to be a cream?! Well that’s what it says on the label but it’s clearly a frost as it has shimmer to it. And not loads, which I like. I know there is this whole love/hate thing over M.A.C Nail Lacquers. I must admit sometimes the formula is just a complete pain. The only others I have are Nightfall, which I have no problem with since it’s so dark. And Hello Kitty - Something About Pink which can sometimes look a little streaky. I’m really considering buying a back up of Violet Fire though because it’s definitely one of my new favourites and I love it.

L-R Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass:

Being so white (NW15) I decided my best bet would be to skip the bronzers and the other Lustre Drops as they’re more bronze then Pink Rebel. Which suits me perfectly. This is a great highlighter as well as a bronzer. I like to apply a little of this over Well Dressed blush to give it a bit more shimmer for that Summery look.

As I said, I’ve really been liking purple at the moment, especially purple lips. Funtabulous DazzleGlass = Love! It took me a while to decided whether I really wanted this. And of course I did. What’s more it had the zebra print cap! I would love this more if it didn’t have the horrid silver print but what can you do?! I was slightly disappointed when I first saw this because it looks a lot more pink-er in the tube then on the swatch from the website. I have since grown to love this. It’s quite a deep colour with a slight shimmer and at the moment I can’t stop using it.

Overall I didn’t love this collection. Hence the lack of purchases. But what I did get from it I really love.


M.A.C Haul.

I finally got some new M.A.C. I haven't got anything for like a month now and even then it was only one Dazzleglass and some Lustre Drops. I really needed more MoistureLush but I ended up adding loads more to my basket.

So this is what I got ...

I'll be doing reviews on the Style Warrior collection, including Lustre Drops once I've had a chance to use the things I got today.

I love everything I got today and can't wait to start using it all!