Rainbow Lucky Charms


Award: I Love Your Blog.

Earlier Charly - Not All That Sparkles tagged me for this award. I was going to wait to do it, but I'd no doubt put it off.

So here it is now, the idea is you tag 15 of your favorite bloggers and they do the same. (If they wish) Tough decision right? Here goes ...

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3. Jen - MizzWorthy.
4. Leanne - Do Not Refreeze.
5. Jo - Beautylicious Love.
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14. Lydia - Florabundance.
15. Cassie - They've Created A Monster ...

All great girls with amazing blogs. :)




I actually never though I'd ever get this many. When I started this I had zero followers. None. At all.

I'm super thankful to everyone that reads and comments on my posts!

I have a few things in particular I want to get for my giveaway which I can't get for a couple weeks because I don't want to buy them online. But I will put the post up as soon as I get everything together.



GHD Precious Review.

After dragging my butt out of bed (I really wanted to stay in and sleep) I washed and conditioned my hair with Aussie Colour Mate shampoo and conditioner. Then I added the tiniest amount of John Frieda serum all over my hair before I set to work on styling it.

Whenever I do my hair I always section off two bits and that's it. I leave the bottom down. Tie up the top, and then when I take that down I tie up half of my side fringe because it's too thick to do all at once. Does that make sense?

Anyway, using heat setting number 2 (out of 2) in 11 minutes I managed to get my hair completely dry and more straighter then if I'd left it to dry naturally like I usually do:

Then in 7 minutes, yes seven. I managed to completely straighten my hair.



These straighteners feel a lot sleeker then the older ones. The shiny coating on them gives them a much nicer feeling then the flat black on the old ones. They also feel smaller even though they are around the same size, they just feel less bulky. I wasn't rushing to see how quick I could get my hair done, I just took it easy. Not too quick, not too slow. But less then 20 minutes to fix my hair? I'm well pleased with that and I'm actually really glad I got this set. It just reinforces the fact I will always be a loyal GHD customer/user. Will definitely be using the hair dryer a lot! It's pretty powerful for a travel dryer and the straighteners? Well we all knew that was love at first sight but I love them even more now. :)

PS: Please excuse the lack of face, I'm super tired and having a no make up day.


GHD Precious - Christmas 09.

I have been a GHD user for the past 5 years and I'm pretty certain that's not going to change. I know there's lots of Cloud 9 blog posts around at the moment. But they're the same kind of price and I don't want to buy them if they aren't going to work for me. I know GHD does.

Now my hair's getting longer I want to be able to wave it as well as having it straight. The GHD's I have are the old squarer ones. You can curl with them, I tried it but it leaves weird kinks in it. So as soon as I saw these I was like I must have them. Since I love the print so much too. ;)

What www.ghdhair.com says:
The Limited Edition ghd Precious gift set contains everything you need to create stunning seasonal styles. The exquisite box will be the perfect present to find under the tree. Inside the gift set you'll find:

Black and silver baroque ghd IV styler – For endless, exquisite styles
Travel hair dryer – Get real heat on-the-go
Heat resistant roll bag – Keep your styling essentials safe with specialist styler and hair dryer compartments
Make all your Christmas wishes come true with the Limited Edition ghd Precious gift set.

The Precious styler:

I have yet to use this set but I shall be doing so tomorrow. I'll do the review then with before and after photos.

What do we think of these? :)


China Glaze - DV8 / Giveaway Update.

This is a polish I've been meaning to review for such a long time but I can never picture it right. I still haven't managed to because the sun has been hiding whenever I've had it on.

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite topcoat:

This is from the China Glaze OMG collection which are all holographics, some more then others. This is one of the not so holographics, not to say it isn't at all but it isn't as blindingly obviously. As I took this photo whilst it was overcast the holograpic side to it is barely visible, but you can just see it on the index finger. When sunlight hits it, it shines a yellowy/orange colour which is so so pretty. As always I had no trouble with applying this. I will post this again when I can get some better pictures of it.

I've also decided to wait till I get to 100 followers to hold a giveway. Why? Well I'm only 16 off reaching 100 and I really want to do one then so I personally think it would be better for me to wait until then. If you know anyone who is looking for new blogs to read definitely point them in my direction. ;) I am always grateful and I'm so looking forward to holding this giveaway if I get to 100.