China Glaze - Atlantis.

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Anyway, as soon as I saw pictures of this polish I knew I had to track it down. Sparkly holographic goodness. It took a while to make it's way over to the UK but I finally got it.

Applied with two coats and Seche Vite topcoat.

I found it hard to pick up the holographic glitter without an out of focus photo.

China Glaze recently released a new collection, the Speciality collection. Containing 50, yes fifty new glitters.

This is a teal jelly with lots of teal and holographic glitter. Two coats make this almost opaque. You don't get obvious 'smile line' but you can still see the brightness of the tip, it really isn't obvious though. The pictures really don't do this justice though, it's so sparkly and colourful. Reminded me of a lit up Christmas tree!

This went on easily and dried quite quickly. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite over the top but I still found it to be slightly bumpy. For a completely smooth finish you'll probably need to use two coats but I really didn't mind the bumpy-ness so stuck with one.

To remove this you will need remover that has acetone in it. I tried one without it and ended up scrubbing my nails with a tooth brush for nearly half an hour and my nails ended up being extremely sore. It comes off a lot easier with an acetone remover.

Have any of the Speciality glitters caught your eye, or do you already have some? Let me know. :)