Quick Tips: 'Is My GHD Real?'

Another quick tips post I have been meaning to do for ages but I kept forgetting.

Ever since I put up my initial GHD Precious post and the review I've found a lot of people have been landing on my blog because they were Googling to see how you could tell if a GHD was real or not.

Since I have 2 Stylers I'm going to show you how I know mine are real. I'd just like to point out there was a 4 year gap in between purchasing these so they may have changed the hologram in between as I'm not sure how often they do this. Every year maybe?

2005 pair:

2009 pair:

All real GHD Stylers will have this hologram with a serial number underneath which you can register at GHD Hair to check it's real.

I know mine are both real because of the holograms and I bought both pairs from reputable GHD approved salons.

It's common sense really but if you're going to make such an investment it's best to buy straight from the company or a salon, you don't want to spend money on a poor quality Styler. There's a lot of fake GHD Stylers floating around the internet, you only have to search Google. Some 'real' ones are more then half the price of what you'd pay for a genuine Styler so people think they're getting a bargain, when really they aren't.

There is also a counterfeit list on GHD Hair where you can check a website to see if it's a registered GHD online seller. It also has a list of sites selling known fakes.

This is something that I could go on forever about but I won't. I hope this helps anyone that's been landing on my blog by searching for this.

And remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is. ;)