Tag: Happy 101.

I was tagged by Leanne to do this tag, quite a while ago now. :(

Rules: To list 10 things that make you happy, try and do one of them today and pass it on to ten people.

1. Family - Coz you can't choose them right? ;) They make me happy the majority of the time.
2. Friends - I don't really have a lot of close friends, but I prefer it this way. The few I do have mean so much to me though and they always make me happy and smiley. :)
3. Makeup - Kind of the obvious one I was trying not to include but it does make me extremely happy. I love love love it. M.A.C is my favorite but I'm sure you already know that. ;)
4. Sleep - I rarely get any anymore but when I do get it I love it.
5. BlackBerry - I could possibly live without my laptop and just use this instead. It has literally my entire life on it. Sad, I know. ;P
6. Music - I can't go a day without listening to music. When I'm out of the house I always have my iPod with me. What I want to listen to always changes so I usually just shuffle it. (And this evening my iTunes is shuffling all the amazing stuff! ;D)
7. Guitar Hero - If I wasn't any good at makeup this would be the next best thing I'm good at. Too much practice. Getting 100%'s make me extremely happy, especially if it's first time.
8. Sunshine - I don't like sitting out in, as such. But it makes everyone feel much better does it not?
9. Money - I love money. I love getting paid and I love spending. Let's not lie here. ;)
10. Shoes - I have far too many pairs that I only wear a couple of times and then let them just look nice at the end of the bed. I really should stop buying new ones and wear the ones I have ... I just had to post a picture of my newest loves ...

As I can't remember who's actually done this I'll just tag 10 people anyway:

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And anyone else that wants to do it. If you do, let me know so I can read it! :D