Work Appropriate Konadicure.

All good things (unfortunately) have to come to an end and after having two weeks off, I had to go back to work yesterday. Yay ... ! I decided I still wanted some kind of Konad on my nails though as I hate my bare nails.

Applied with Konad White Special Polish with M45 plate (tips) and M62 (ring finger), two coats of China Glaze Wireless Holographic topcoat and Seche Vite topcoat.

After I'd taken my first Konad off I wanted to try the full french tips, what a failure and a half that was. I don't think any of them ended up in the right place. So I was kind of put off using any of the tips. At 4 the other morning though I was extremely bored and decided to try them, as you do.

The patterned tips are definitely a lot more forgiving then the M19 plate, how anyone uses those is beyond me. But anyway, I went quite slow with these and made sure I could see exactly where I was placing it on the nail. Now I know these are a little further down then the 'smile line' on some of my nails and I'm not saying it's perfect but from a distance it just looks like a normal french manicure.

I was looking at the other plates I had and saw a design on the M62 plate and thought it would be perfect for my ring finger, it was. I decided to do it on just the one hand as I probably wouldn't have got it straight on the other.

Overall I'm happy with this, it came out exactly as I had planned. What do you think? :)