M.A.C Haul.

First time for everything right? Well this is the first time I have never bought any makeup items when I've ordered from M.A.C. I actually wanted a couple of the Lillyland Lipgelees. But then I was like do I really need them? I have enough glosses as it is. I might still get them, if they're still up when I next get paid then it's clearly a sign. ;)

For now I just got a few essentials I needed. I did take a photo of everything in the box but it looked rubbish. Can't wait till it's better weather and I can start photographing outside again.

1 - Fast Response Eye Cream.
2 - Moisturelush.
3 - 231 Small Shader Brush.

I actually have no intention of using the 231 as a shadow brush but I shall blog more on that later. Just a really small haul though.

Anyone else tried these products, namely the eye cream? What did you think?