Quick Tips: Blogging Etiquette.

If you follow me on Twitter and saw the Tumblr post that got tweeted on Saturday, you will know I haven't been around since the weekend. I needed a break away from everyone besides my best friends and I think it worked.

Now a small part of the reason I went was because of what I'm going to talk about in this post.

I'd just like to point out this is not a personal attack on anyone. This is my opinion and I am highly aware this could cause a lot of backlash but I know there is many other people who feel the same.

This was one of those things I planned out in my head to be a quick post but when you get down to explaining it, it really isn't. Here we go ...

Let's start with some examples shall we? I blanked these out so people can't say I was personally attacking them blablabla ...

Click to enlarge the last one.

Now these are just 3 comments that I could think of off the top of my head. I know there's plenty of others floating around my blog. I found out via Twitter that the first commenter was leaving the exact same comment on a lot of blogs, sometimes even saying something that did not reference the post she was commenting on at all. I always check when people leave these kind of comments as I'm curious as to whether they are actually following my blog or not. The people who left the last two comments weren't, one is now. So does that not mean their purpose for commenting and being on my blog was to promote themselves? Yes I think it was.

This evening I went through and started checking my giveaway entries. I haven't lost a substantial amount of followers recently but I noticed a lot (around 30/40) of the comments had said they were following so I checked, as the giveaway was for followers only, and they weren't. I clearly stated this.

It also annoys me when people leave their link at the end of their comment. You do realise when you comment your name turns into a hyperlink don't you? I know people like checking out new blogs like this but when people start commenting on my posts to benefit themselves I tend to overlook their blog completely. Sorry if that seems harsh but it's just the way I see things. As I have never advertised myself on anyones blog, even when I had no followers.

I'm not going to go on any longer because it will just make me even more angry. You get my point though. So I shall leave you with some tips.

Post a comment that is related to the entry. Make it a worthy (worthy for you, not for me) comment by this I mean not something like the usual generic 'great post'. Come on! It's not the most imaginative comment ever.

Use correct spelling/grammar/punctuation if you can, it makes for easier reading.

Don't shamelessly promote yourself on other peoples blogs.

Don't moan about people having more followers then you. Everyone has to start somewhere. I don't know how many times I have to say it but I started with zero followers.

If you don't like something you see, just click the x in the corner instead of spamming their page with abuse.

Good manners are polite, there really is no point attacking someone under an anon profile. If they have the right tools installed on their blog they will be able to find out who it came from.

And remember your comment reflects you, if you leave childish and spammy comments other people will see this and more then likely be put off by them.

I'll probably lose followers for this but everyone has an opinion and I'm just voicing mine on my site. That's allowed right? ;)

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