Easter Lush Haul.

Like always around 'special holidays' Lush bring out limited edition products. When I saw they were going a Snow Fairy scented Ballistic I knew I wanted it. I absolutely adore Snow Fairy!

I was initially going to get one of those big eggs, since the entire outside casing is a Ballistic but I couldn't decide which one I wanted and didn't want both so skipped those and got the smaller things along with a few permanent things.

1 - Happy Chick Ballistic.
2 - Honey Bun Ballistic.
3 - Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar.
4 - Fluffy Egg Ballistic.
5 - Ickle Baby Bot Ballistic.
6 - None Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm.
7 - Candy Fluff Body Powder.
8 - Happy Hippy Shower Gel - 250g.

Has anyone else got any of the Easter products? Do you like them?

I don't know if I will review this as I certainly won't get round to using them and posting them up before Easter but if anyone wants something specifically, I shall do it! :D If you ask nicely.

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