Eldora Lashes Preview.

At the weekend, I was contacted by someone from Eldora Lashes, asking if I'd been interested in trying some of the lashes. I said yes and picked out a few pairs and left the rest for them to decide.

If you like lashes I definitely recommend you check out the Eldora Shop. They have over 200 varieties of lashes. Ranging from the subtle black lashes to crazy colourful ones. I have a little list in my head of all the other ones I want.

If you spend over £10 you get a 10% discount and a 20% discount if you spend over £35. If you spend over £20 you get free delivery which is usually £4.90.

I got 6 pairs in total and a double sided sheet with all the lashes that they do. This is now my checklist. ;)

And a personal little note too, which I thought added a nice touch:

This is what I received:

1 - C120.
2 - D123.
3 - S504.
4 - S401.
5 - B143.
6 - H105.

I'm going to be doing looks and reviews on all of these in the next few weeks.

If you've recieved lashes as well, what do you think of them? Or if you haven't what do you think of them, just by looking at them? - I'm not sure that entirely makes sense but there we go. ;)

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.