I Finally Managed To Get Some! ;)

No not that. George @ Asda polishes of course! I have seen on these on so many blogs now but of course, the nearest Asda to me is about the size of a corner shop. (No jokes!)

So Maxi offered to send me some, which was super nice of her. I'd been wanting to get them for ages but felt rude asking someone to do a custom purchase.

This is what I got:

1 - Frost Bite.
2 - Cloudless Sky.
3 - Streamer.
4 - Be Mine.
5 - Lavender Fantasy.
6 - Under The Sea.
7 - Ultraviolet.
8 - Mysterious.
9 - Indigo Dazzle.
10 - Silver Sparkle.

And some Primark Beauty Eyeliners.

I quickly swatched them when I got them and I love all of them, bar the application on one and the brushes but at £1.50 you can't really moan! I shall go into that more when I post about them properly though.

Anyone else who's tried them, which are your favorites?

Just a couple quick things to say, my giveaway winners will be up after the weekend. I've been trying all week to contact Skin MD, to no avail. So I don't think there will be a third prize now, since they were providing it. Sorry about that.

Last minor thing. I got Daily Booth the other day. Anyone else on it? Go follow me (/bickyyy) and I'll follow you back. :D

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