China Glaze - IDK.

This is another one from the China Glaze OMG collection and probably my favorite out of all the ones I have from this collection. It was released at the start of 2009, I believe and was of course limited edition! There is still some places that are selling it online at the moment though.

Applied with two coats:

I find this polish much easier to apply then GOSH's Holographic. I don't find any streaking or bald spots. It's quick drying and lasts a lot longer without a top coat.

It's a light purple with multi coloured holographic-ness. From what I've experienced, lighter coloured holographics show up the holo much better and this is no exception.

These have an amazing look about them, just like the Speciality Glitters but they are a darn site easier to remove. Just like a normal nail polish. I really do love holos and I'm set about tracking down as much of the rest of this collection as I can.

You can also check this polish out in my first ever Konadicure.

What are your opinions on holo polishes? Have any of your own? If so, by who? Let me know.

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