George @ Asda - Ultraviolet.

When everyone started posting about these bargain polishes, Ultraviolet was the first one that caught my eye and I knew it'd would be absolutely stunning in the sun. That's why I've waited so long to try this one.

Applied with two coats:

This particular shade is a medium/bright blue with a bright blue shimmer that can look purple depending on how the light hits it.

The formula is quite watery and thin so I had to do two quite thick coats. It was quite quick at drying though so I didn't have to wait around with wet nails for too long.

It's a beautiful colour but there is one major problem:

These photos were taking 18 (give or take a few) hours after application. I was asleep for 9 or so of those. I haven't done any major typing, just my usual amount. That amount of tip wear is insane! It's blindingly obvious in every photo and even more so in real life.

I know for a little over a £1, I shouldn't expect much but I never usually experience tip wear till about three or four days, if I can keep my polish on that long. I have never experienced this much though. Ever.

Maybe it'd last longer with a top coat. We shall have to see when I get round to buying some Seche Vite Restore.

What are your opinions on George polishes? Let me know!

And please excuse the minor cut, my kitty got a bit to scratch happy when we were playing the other day. :(

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