Lush Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic.

I know this is a little late but someone asked specifically to see a review of this so here it is!

As with any holiday Lush bring out special limited edition products, Easter was no exception. This year they were mostly Ballistics. I have only tried one in the past and it did nothing for me so I wanted to try some more and see if it changed my mind on them.

Unfortunately I can't tell you what the site said as I forgot to paste the information off before it vanished off the site.

Anyway, the main fragrance in this is grapefruit so it's really awakening. As this is a Ballistic it doesn't produce any bubbles so I added a bit of Happy Hippy Shower Gel in as that's also made from grapefruits.

It definitely changed my mind about Lush Ballistics. I really liked this one so it was a shame to have it as limited edition.

I found it really refreshing and the scent lasted for quite a while.

I'm now wishing I'd got some more as they were just under £2 for one, which I personally think is a steal!

Anyone else love this and manage to stock up on them?

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