Payday Purchases / A Surprise.

This is a bit of a half hearted and different post from me today. I had days off work this week and I promised myself I'd put up a new post everyday - a substantial one. Not a rubbish little 'ohai look at my eye. Kbaiiii!' kind of post.

But I'm tired. I don't feel well and I just want to sleep. So, I went to town a few hours ago because I got paid and I needed retail therapy. Specifically went for something in Boots, which of course they didn't have. I had to buy something though, so I got some things I've been wanting for a while.

Lots and lots of reading material. ♥ I've heard nothing but good reviews about The Lovely Bones. I decided to get the old version and not the movie related one as more often then not, movies just go and spoil it. ;)

I started reading The Lovely Bones when I got home and have been since. So far it's a really good read. I just wish I didn't have the attention span of a 5 year old because I can't just sit still and read it for hours, I have to do other things as well.

Anyone else read any of these books? Love/hate? Let me know what you thought.

I got GOSH Rainbow polish from Superdrug because it's been doing it's rounds and it looked super pretty in the bottle. And I hear, unlike glitter, it is not a total bitch to remove, so yay!

I also got some random New Look headbands, mainly for the lace one. But hey, they were cheap. ;)

And something I have been meaning to get since it came out but I am terrible with DVDs and music releases, Family Guy - Something Something Darkside. Another Family Guy DVD to add to the millions I already have.

Now for something I don't ever do. I know some bloggers buy stuff and swatch and review it straight away. I like to take my time, which is why I don't ever do 'swatch previews' (if you will) or anything like that in haul posts.

But since this is really quite special, I'm giving you a tiny little look at what GOSH Rainbow is like.

I did a bunch of random coloured swatches so please excuse the terrible painting and the indents on my index finger. I was trying to see how long it took to dry. ;)

Here it is applied over Dior Vernis in Red Dahlia and you can just see it over Illamasqua's Rare:

Click it and make it bigger and more amazing-er!

Amazing, no?

That's all for today. :) Gonna try and do a FOTD or an EOTD or something something tomorrow for you all.

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