Illamasqua Cult Products.

I'm a bit late in blogging about this but through out June, Illamasqua have been featuring four cult products each week. With a massive 20% saving for the rest of the week.

I've had a look at them the past couple of and nothing really took my interest. But then I logged on Friday night just to have a 'browse' at all the nice things I wish I could buy right now. I saw 2 main things I have been wanting for ages and since I liked the look of the gloss too, I thought I may as well. ;)

I got the Volt Illumine Body Oil, £25.60 instead of £32. The Matt Primer, £15.20 instead of £19. And Divine Sheer Lipgloss, £10 instead of £12.50.

So if any of these are things you've been wanting for ages, go buy. Now!

I have no idea if they're doing one for the last week but it's worth a look.

Have you picked up any of the cult products? Have you tried any of these things? Love/hate?

Reviews to follow.

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