Models Own - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

That is the question ...

I know I'm late with this one, but our Boots only got the Models Own stand a fortnight or so ago.

Doesn't it look all pretty and filled up? Which is more then I can say for Superdrug ...

Anyway, none of the polishes they had were ones I'd been eyeing on the site and waiting to see in person. Typical, no?

I've got a bit of a thing at the moment for pastel lilacs. The one they had was too pinked toned though. No thank you!

I swatched one of the loose eye shadows and it reminded me of Barry M Dazzle Dusts. Which I honestly dislike.

So my questions to you are;

What are the formulas like on the polishes?

Any colours you'd recommend?

And has anyone tried the loose shadows/tube glosses?

Let me know your opinions in the comments. Thanks!

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