Sleek Palettes.

Hi hi. So I just wanted to do a quick scheduled post for tomorrow (Saturday), to tide you over for the weekend.

And yes, it's about the much talked (and already blogged about) Sleek Circus palette.

I'd been waiting over a month for this to finally make an appearance online before I ordered, as I didn't want to pay numerous P&P charges.

So this went up on Wednesday and I was trying to decide which other palette to order with it (I'm getting the rest, bar Chaos, when I get paid! ;D), and finally settled on Sunset since it was the most Summer-y. I ordered these in the evening so although I really wanted them today (Friday), I knew logically I probably wouldn't get them till at least Monday.

What a nice surprise it was to come home from a long slow day at work, to find them waiting to be opened!

Now, as my nearest Sleek Superdrug is at least an hours train ride away, it's kind of impossible for me to go there whenever I please. I was apprehensive about ordering online, to say the least as I know what mineral eyeshadows are like and I know exactly what delivery men are like ...

I was expecting a breakage of some form.

They were delivered in a big jiffy bag. Which I opened to find them individually separated into another jiffy bag each and then wrapped tightly inside bubble wrap. Oh my, what a nightmare that was to get them out of the bubble wrap. The term 'more haste, less speed' springs to mind but I needed them out, STAT.

I know you've seen swatches a thousand times but I still plan on doing them. And I cannot wait to do looks with these, starting from tomorrow! The only trouble is which palette to use first? Which colours do I use first? Oh the decisions ...

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