Eldora Lashes - C120.

I received these eyelashes an extremely long time ago, I'm a bad blogger - what can I say?!

I've had the photos sitting on my laptop for months now, gathering invisible dust. The start of May, if you want to be precise.

Blogging about things I dislike is not something I like doing. Especially if it's sent to me but I will not lie. That's why I think this has taken so long to do.

Anyway. One of the pairs of lashes I recieved were the C120s. Black lashes with hints of colour. Not too bright, not too pastel. Just right.

After trimming them I tried the glue that came with them on the back of my hand, even after drying fully it was extremely tacky so I went ahead and used my trusty M.A.C Duo.

I used to be terrible at applying lashes and I've watched many YouTube tutorials. Remember how they always say to 'roll' the lashes back and forth while waiting for the glue to go tacky?

I should have known as soon as I saw this ...

... That I was going to have trouble.

They weren't 'rolling' smoothly so I gave up with that idea and went ahead and put them on.

I had a nightmare and a half trying to get them to stay down along the lashline. As soon as I got one end down, the other would come away from the lid and vis versa.

You can click the pictures and make them a lot bigger, to see how not so well they applied.

These were the ones I was most excited about so it's put me off trying the others but I shall do at some point. Hopefully they fair better.

What are your eyelash mishaps? Care to share?

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