The Tale Of Two (China Glaze) Cosmics.

At the start of the year I did a big haul, including lots of China Glazes. Namely some of the Speciality Glitters.

The one I was most excited to try besides Atlantis, was Cosmic.

Doesn't it look beautiful in the bottle?

Unfortunately though, that's where it ends. I tweeted about how disappointed I was by this polish and China Glaze contacted me so they could send me a new one. I didn't think it would be any use, it's down to the formula, but decided to accept anyway.

It's a black creme base with a ton of holographic glitter (that sticks to the side of the bottle, for the most part).

The creme base is extremely opaque. This is just one coat of both the original and replacement:

See how opaque that is?

I continued with applying two coats and was left with this hideous mess:

Lumps and bumps all over the place, with a touch of glitter overhang. Not cute.

The base coat is far to dense, it covers up the majority of the glitter so it doesn't have a chance to show off it's holo-y goodness.

It's just horrible in my opinion and the only China Glaze polish I've come across, that I really really hate. From now on, if I want a holo black, I'll stick to my home made O.P.I - My Private Jet.

Have you tried this? Did you want to? I wouldn't advise it.

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