This is probably going to come as a shock to most of my followers, considering I know you all love your arm accessories. But I do not own a handbag. There I said it. *Hides* That's kind of a lie but not really. I do own one bag but it's old and crappy and I only use it if I'm staying out for the night.

Much as I love the many handbags from Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel, right now I am not in any position to drop £1k on a handbag. Even if I had that kind of cash I would feel guilty doing so. They're also made out of leather which creeps me out a little bit, after seeing how it's made.

Just by chance this evening, I mindlessly went onto the Paul's Boutique site, just because I wanted to look at pretty arm candy. They actually have an online store now. Useful yet dangerous!

So I had a little look through and have decided when I have enough cash to spare, which won't be for a little while yet, I shall buy one. But that gives me time to choose because I seriously don't know which I want!

This is what I've currently picked out off the site ...

Purple Gracie (Reminds me of a Mulberry bag that was extremely similar, that I lusted after for ages!):

Gunmetal Gracie:

Mushroom Roxanne:

Black Roxanne:

Nude Maisy Large:

I'm thinking one of the first two but I am the worst at making decisions. I much prefer the bags that don't have the logos all over them. I know some people like that kind of thing but I really don't, not for me.

The great thing about these also, is that they're not made from leather. So I can have a relatively guilt free bag.

Which are you preferring? Any suggestions? I'd also love to hear from anyone with a PB bag on how they wear and what not.

Help me out girlies!

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