Marian Newman Inkredibles.

These are something I got quite a while ago from an ASOS sale. I just checked the site and they still have them. I wonder why that might be?

I first saw these in August 2008 when they were featured in an article in UK Vogue, I've left it big so you can have a nosey if you so wish.

What say:
The Inks are a revolutionary and innovative way of colouring nails. The traditional solvent based polish that is difficult to use when painting your own nails and takes ages to dry is replaced with a water based colour that takes seconds!

According to Vogue (Sept ’08): "How long does it take nail varnish to dry? 5 minutes to touch dry, 25 minutes to smudge-proof and 12 hours to rock-hard".

The INKS take 20 seconds to touch dry, 60 seconds to smudge-proof and 2 mins to rock hard!

The Inks, in a pen with a brush nib, are cosmetic pigments suspended in a water base. They are painted on the nails in seconds (even on the move!) and sealed with a glossy top coat. Any colour on the skin just washes off! Now you don’t need to plan your nail colour to match several days outfits. You can change your nail colour as easily as you change your lipstick! Don’t think of The Inks as nail polish. It isn’t. It’s nail colour.

Sounds pretty good, huh? A new and exciting way to paint your nails.

Let's just take a look at them in their packaging, shall we?

Apparently if they settle you should give them a good shake. I tried for ages and ages to get the colour pigments to mix in with the water but they still insisted on sticking to the sides like there's no tomorrow.

Streaking on the inside of the tube, surely that's not a good sign?

And lastly, not even being mixed at all properly. Sorry Marian, but it isn't looking good so far.

So how do they apply? Honestly? Horribly. I did everything that it said to. I even tried a second time but nope.

The colours dry to this weird matte chalky looking texture which the top coat just seemed to drag away when you tried to seal it.

Also these are meant to be anti staining but let me tell you, Burnt Orange was an absolute nightmare to get rid of!

I got straight on the laptop and fired off an email to ASOS, telling them exactly what I thought. They kindly offered to refund me on the grounds that they were faulty.

Do I think they were? No. I just think the only way to get a decent manicure is the conventional way. They one I'll be sticking to.

Have you tried these? Let me know your thoughts!

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