MHK - The Challenge.

If you haven't already seen, Vicky from It's All Peachy Keen decided to start a bloggers health kick challenge, which you can find here.

I haven't actually started yet as I haven't been at all well this last week. Not being able to taste or smell what you're eating is extremely off putting so I don't want to be seen to be promoting not eating or anything. ;)

My goal is too lose some weight and get healthier. I don't have a goal as such, because I don't want to be thinking 'ughhhh I've got so long to go'. Yano? So I'm not setting a goal as such.

I will do my update posts on Tuesdays as that's when I'm off for a couple days so will be able to actually update fully on it how my week was.

I know Vicky mentioned only doing it for a month but I'm hoping to continue it longer than that but we shall see.

Any of my followers involved in this? Or have been in the past? Tips?! I really need them.