MHK - Week #1.

Heeey! I've decided to change my day for doing my weekly update type thing. I had said I was going to do it on Tuesday but I find I don't really get on till late evening so I'm going to do it on Thursdays instead. Hopefully I can stick to that. :)

This past week I've ate a lot better, I know that. The only thing I'm having trouble with right now is calorie counting. -_- It will be fine for a few days but then I'll be over and I start obsessing over it and try and start again the next day. But then it happens a few days down the line. Ack. An actual nightmare because I then feel like I've failed.

So at the moment I'm not strictly calorie counting. I am of course keeping an eye on what I eat. I'm snacking less, drinking more water and having smaller portions. Also where I can, trying to eat breakfast. I know it's really bad that I don't but I hate eating that early.

I was off work all last week as I was ill and the day before I went back I decided to do a little work out on this stupid ass walker we have upstairs. I wanted to try and do at least an hour on it but since I haven't done so in forever, I just did half. I knew I would pay for it on Thursday. Standing up all day with the worst leg aches in the world is not cool.

I thought each week I'd also add a few pictures of things I've had. I didn't think it would be much interest too most people since I don't eat meat but thought I'd do it for anyone that's interested. :)

Sweet and sour Quorn beef with noodles. Absolutely amazing. <3 It looked so much nicer IRL and tasted even better.

A bit of a naughty. A Sainsbury's TTD Pain Au Chocolat. I don't usually eat croissants and things like that but these I love! So it's just a little treat I have once every couple of months. :)

That's all I've got for you this week! I haven't had much else interesting to eat and because my sleeping pattern is all jacked up. (Surprise!) I haven't been eating properly. :(

How have you done this week? Tell me about the things you've been doing/eating?

Also minor little note - I feel like I've been neglecting my more blog a little bit so I shall be making up for it in the next few days. Sorry about that guys! :(

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