Soap & Glory Sexy Mother™ Pucker XL Extreme-Plump.

Hello lovely followers. Just once again, would like to clear something up after I got this Formspring. I am still here but if you've ever worked in retail at Christmas, I'm pretty sure you will know how mad it gets and I'm either doing loads of overtime or just wanting to catch up with regular things (360ing, watching DVDs etc) when I'm not. So I haven't left you all, just a bit busy!

Something I've been meaning to review for quite a little while now as I love lip plumping products.

What says:
Super-sizing extra-strength collagen clear lip shine.

Absolutely ridiculips can now be yours.
Apply a fine film of SMP-XL, whenever you’re starting to feel a little ‘down’ in the mouth, and watch low volume lips go: va va va boom! You can also use it on top of your favourite lipliner or lipstick.

What’s inside that counts?
- Lipswell™: natural plant oil infusion.
- Superfill®: Nanovectors.
- Visivolume™: immediate effect lip filler.

Caution - This lipgloss will almost immediately plump, buzz, tingle and zing. (It’s not for the meek of mouth). New Sexy Mother Pucker tryers should finish a couple of tubes of our ‘Original Strength’ SMP Plumpers first, before going to extremes.

I actually have a few of the tinted 'Original Strengths' and have used those but I picked this up because I'm used to lip plumping products. A few years back, I was slightly addicted (no pun intended!) to Dior Addict Lip Maximizer.

On first application like with all the other S&G SMPs you notice the quite strong chocolate scent. Honestly, not a great big fan of it. I'd much rather choose a mild M.A.C Vanilla scent then this but it's bearable. On the plus side it does sort of taste like it though. ;)

Does it do what it says on the tube?

Yes and no.

Yes it is mega tingly and plumps my lips up so they have a smoother appearance. The tingling last for ages and isn't at all uncomfortable but that maybe because I'm not a first time user. The gloss doesn't feel heavy, thick or too sticky but it lasts on the lips for such a long time, even after drinking.

But it doesn't give you that trout pout you might so desperately dream of. I guess I should be thankful for that? I don't think it plumps them up a large amount but I'd still recommend it. It smooths them out and I just love having tingly lips.

Overall I do love this product and I would buy it again.

Have you tried any of the Sexy Mother Puckers? What did you think? Are you fan of the scent? Let me know your thoughts.

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