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A Little Eylure Present.

Last week the lovely Lu got sent a nice big package, with about 5834857 pairs of false lashes. As she said there was some she probably wouldn't wear and she didn't need that many anyway, she offered to send me some. :D I can't even remember what day she said she had posted them but I got them the very next day! Super quick delivery.

Ok so I'm sure we all know by now how much I like perfect things. What is wrong with this picture below? I'll give you a clue, the best part of believe is the lie. ;)

So this is what Lu sent me:

1 - Bollywood Lashes - Song.
2 - Naturalites Intense - 145.
3 - Vivid Lashes - Necromancer.
4 - The Collection Lashes - Romantic.

I'm quite looking forward to trying these. The very first pair of lashes I bought when I was 16 or so were Eylure. I actually couldn't get them to work for me but I had no idea what I was doing makeup wise back then. Oh how times change.

I'm going to be guest reviewing these on Lu's blog and posting a bit about them here so watch out for that. :)

Do we like Eylure lashes? I know there's a lot of hype about the Girls Aloud ones, which I'm tempted to buy ...

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M.A.C 187 Duo Fibre Brush.

What www.maccosmetics.co.uk says:
A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

This is a brush I had been absolutely dying to get for ages but as it's one of the more expensive brushes that M.A.C sell so I always put off doing so. I had been using a 190 and a 109 to do liquid foundation before and I couldn't put up with them anymore so decided to just go ahead and buy it, no matter how expensive it was.

I am so glad I did. I have used this every time I've applied foundation since I got it.

I've always found synthetic brushes to be 'scratchy', which is why I prefer buying and using non synthetic brushes. For a partially synthetic brush this is actually amazingly softer. It feels a lot lighter and more gentle on my skin then the brushes I had been using. I find I use a lot less foundation and it's much easier to buff out and blend in to the skin, without getting that horrible foundation tide line.

As well as using M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid, I also tried using the Studio Fix Powder with this brush and I find it difficult to get a good even coverage while doing so.

I can honestly say I don't think I'll ever use another brush for liquid foundation again. That's a very strong statement to make but if you have it and you use it I'm sure you'll agree. The brush is amazing!

The only thing I would say and I would have expected it this anyway, once you've washed it leave it out! I have a M.A.C Brush Roll and the first time I washed it I rolled it up in that, went to use it the next morning and it still wasn't dry. It needs to be left out in the air and over night to be totally dry.

If you have it, do you like it? Have you been looking at getting this brush? Let me know.

Giveaway winners will be up at the weekend, I haven't forgotten. :)

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Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

I had a feeling when I put up my last post it would cause a lot of controversy. I'm not sorry for bringing up something that annoyed me, and many others. I really didn't think I would get so many supportive comments so thank you for all of those.

For now a review on a new(ish) Lush product.

What www.lush.co.uk says:
Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. When you use Mint Julips, you'll find yourself craving a bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. It's made with refreshing peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and sweet vanilla extract to lock in moisture and protect your lips. Simply rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some sugar.

Before I knew Lush were releasing these I had been looking for a good lip exfoliator, my Microfine Refinisher doesn't cut it on the lips. Plus I'm quite frankly too lazy and too messy to make my own so I knew I definitely wanted one of these.

First off I thought the glass jar was quite nice but then it dawned on me what am I going to do when my nails grow back?! I cannot stand having anything under my nails so the whole scooping some out seems slightly problematic. But we shall cross that bridge when we come to it. I also think it would be quite awkward to get out once you start getting down to the last half. I'm sure I'll blog more on this when I get to that point.

The product itself smells more mint than anything else. 'The mint and chocolate one'. I am so glad it doesn't have a strong scent of chocolate (at least I can't smell it), I would imagine that would be quite sickly.

After I ordered mine I saw some reviews on how messy it can be. I don't find this, when I got it the sugar was totally compacted. Is that even the right word? I don't know but if I tip it up nothing falls out. The fact I push all the loose bits down when I've finished probably helps. That was such a poor explanation but there we go. ;)

As a whole I really like this. It leaves my lips super smooth. I do have to apply some sort of balm after but I don't mind that. I try and use it in the morning, before I do my make up and of an evening before getting into bed. And yes I lick it off after instead of whatever you're meant to do. ;)

I think I'll be getting the Bubblegum one next as apparently it smells just like Snow Fairy. What do we think of these? Love/hate?


Quick Tips: Blogging Etiquette.

If you follow me on Twitter and saw the Tumblr post that got tweeted on Saturday, you will know I haven't been around since the weekend. I needed a break away from everyone besides my best friends and I think it worked.

Now a small part of the reason I went was because of what I'm going to talk about in this post.

I'd just like to point out this is not a personal attack on anyone. This is my opinion and I am highly aware this could cause a lot of backlash but I know there is many other people who feel the same.

This was one of those things I planned out in my head to be a quick post but when you get down to explaining it, it really isn't. Here we go ...

Let's start with some examples shall we? I blanked these out so people can't say I was personally attacking them blablabla ...

Click to enlarge the last one.

Now these are just 3 comments that I could think of off the top of my head. I know there's plenty of others floating around my blog. I found out via Twitter that the first commenter was leaving the exact same comment on a lot of blogs, sometimes even saying something that did not reference the post she was commenting on at all. I always check when people leave these kind of comments as I'm curious as to whether they are actually following my blog or not. The people who left the last two comments weren't, one is now. So does that not mean their purpose for commenting and being on my blog was to promote themselves? Yes I think it was.

This evening I went through and started checking my giveaway entries. I haven't lost a substantial amount of followers recently but I noticed a lot (around 30/40) of the comments had said they were following so I checked, as the giveaway was for followers only, and they weren't. I clearly stated this.

It also annoys me when people leave their link at the end of their comment. You do realise when you comment your name turns into a hyperlink don't you? I know people like checking out new blogs like this but when people start commenting on my posts to benefit themselves I tend to overlook their blog completely. Sorry if that seems harsh but it's just the way I see things. As I have never advertised myself on anyones blog, even when I had no followers.

I'm not going to go on any longer because it will just make me even more angry. You get my point though. So I shall leave you with some tips.

Post a comment that is related to the entry. Make it a worthy (worthy for you, not for me) comment by this I mean not something like the usual generic 'great post'. Come on! It's not the most imaginative comment ever.

Use correct spelling/grammar/punctuation if you can, it makes for easier reading.

Don't shamelessly promote yourself on other peoples blogs.

Don't moan about people having more followers then you. Everyone has to start somewhere. I don't know how many times I have to say it but I started with zero followers.

If you don't like something you see, just click the x in the corner instead of spamming their page with abuse.

Good manners are polite, there really is no point attacking someone under an anon profile. If they have the right tools installed on their blog they will be able to find out who it came from.

And remember your comment reflects you, if you leave childish and spammy comments other people will see this and more then likely be put off by them.

I'll probably lose followers for this but everyone has an opinion and I'm just voicing mine on my site. That's allowed right? ;)

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Lush Haul / Random Information.

Another Lush post! ;) I planned on posting this earlier today but I couldn't find the photos I took last week anywhere on my laptop so I had to retake them all.

This was my first time buying Lush online, I much prefer going into a shop and buying things. I knew I wouldn't get near a store before Valentines was over and I wanted to get a few things they'd released for it so I thought I'd better place an order.

1 - Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion.
2 - Mint Julips Lip Scrub.
3 - Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar.
4 - Heavanilli Massage Bar and free tin.
5 - Love Soap.
6 - Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar.

Reviews to follow soon.

Anyone else tried any of these? What did you think? I know there's been quite a lot of talk about the Lip Scrubs. Some good some bad. Will you be getting any?

It has also came to my attention early this afternoon that the amazing Alexander McQueen unfortunately took his own life. :( That man was a British legend in my opinion. His creations were completely out of the ordinary and one of a kind. So RIP to him. And the stupid girls that are talking crap on the internet about him and his fans at present (luckily I have not seen it but I saw a post about it) deserve a great big slap.

Also my giveaway ended on Monday. I should have put the names into a document as they were entered but no, I of course didn't think of that. So now I have to trawl through nearly 200 comments. Oh the joys! I promise to get the winners up as soon as I can, so don't fret.


My First Illamasqua Purchase.

I finally did it, I ordered from Illamasqua! I've been meaning to for so long but I always get lured into new M.A.C Collections and end up using my money for that instead.

I actually ordered this on the 29th of January. :| Which is a week and a half ago and only just received it today. Apparently their stock room was shut for stock take last week and there was a note about it on the site it. I'd love to know where because I didn't see it.

I decided to just get one thing for now as you get 10% off your third order so I will be getting the majority of what I want then so I can save myself a little bit of cash.

I decided to go for an Intense Lipgloss in a an extremely unusual colour but for now, I'm not going to say which. I've only seen one person blog about this and I was trying for ages to find swatches on Google and I couldn't find any. All shall be revealed when I review it though. ;)

I also think it's a nice touch that they included a Dystopia postcard and a Product Guide Booklet. It's actually got some interesting stuff about how the brand started, how to recreate some of the promo looks and all of the products they sell. I also had no idea Dave Vanian was part of the Illamasqua Art Team. My Dad loves The Damned!

Now I want to know what your favorite things from Illamasqua are. I tried the Lipgloss this morning and I am in love. I'm curious as to what other people think of the brand/prices/colour range/finishes etc etc. So I'd love to hear any kind of feedback you have regarding this brand since it's still new to me.


I Need YOUR Help!

Today I was informed via an email from Beauty Judge UK that I was nominated for 'The Everyday Women Award' category in the Beauty Judge Beauty Blog Awards. How, I have no idea! But it made me extremely happy. :D Thank you to whoever nominated me.

Now I need your help! You can vote by going to the bottom of this page, click vote and then type in my code which is EWA1067. After doing this you also get a chance of winning an amazing hamper worth over £100 full of some of the most highly rated and loved beauty products!

So please help me out girlies, I would certainly be very grateful! Thank you. :D


M.A.C Haul.

First time for everything right? Well this is the first time I have never bought any makeup items when I've ordered from M.A.C. I actually wanted a couple of the Lillyland Lipgelees. But then I was like do I really need them? I have enough glosses as it is. I might still get them, if they're still up when I next get paid then it's clearly a sign. ;)

For now I just got a few essentials I needed. I did take a photo of everything in the box but it looked rubbish. Can't wait till it's better weather and I can start photographing outside again.

1 - Fast Response Eye Cream.
2 - Moisturelush.
3 - 231 Small Shader Brush.

I actually have no intention of using the 231 as a shadow brush but I shall blog more on that later. Just a really small haul though.

Anyone else tried these products, namely the eye cream? What did you think?


Lush Sandstone Soap.

I am aware there are a lot of people not wanting to see Lush reviews but I am still going to be posting them. I will admit it's irritating when you see your tenth review of Big Shampoo. But I generally like reading them and I want to post them so if you don't want to see them, look away now!

What www.lush.com says:
The exfoliating citrus and sandy one. On the glorious beaches of Rio de Janeiro, stunning Brazilian babes, and their mothers, mix up tanning oil with the fine sand and scrub their backsides to make them as smooth as silk. Sandstone soap has a layer of sand and the seductive citrus scent of a caipirinha cocktail.

I've never been a fan of cream body exfoliators which in turn meant I didn't bother using one. I know there's plenty of exfoliator soaps and I've tried a few but they've never been 'scrubby' enough. So I asked a friend of mine if Lush did any other 'scrubby' (yes that's what I like to call them) soaps besides Noubar (I HATE nuts) and Porridge (hate the smell). She insisted I tried Sandstone and I am in love!

I use this wet, on wet skin and just rub it all over (I'm wonderful at explaining!). It's super 'scrubby', not for the faint hearted or sensitive skinned.

It has an amazing lemony smell but not the kind you get from kitchen cleaners. You know the sort, the kind that give you a headache! It's not too strong but not too faint either. I can't say I've used the sand free end as I hold onto that bit when I'm scrubby scrubbing. I don't find the scent lasts on my skin but I don't mind that.

That aside I love the purpose of this soap. And I know it's only a soap but I have never felt so clean in my life then I did the first time I used this. I was literally squeaky clean. The piece I got is quite big so it's going to last me a while even though I do use it every time I have a bath but it's definitely something I would repurchase.

Anyone else tried this? I haven't seen any posts on it so I was curious as to others opinions on it, and in Lush soaps in general ... ?

I apologise that this is probably going to be a poor review which gets no comments but it's 04.27 and I really should be asleep. :| And I've been meaning to post this for ages. No time like the present and all that.

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway, there's only 4 days left to enter!