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YSL Singulier Mascara.

Before Christmas I'd seen a few reviews for the new (as it was then) YSL mascara. Now before I purchased this I hadn't tried any YSL cosmetics before. I'd heard lots of good things about their Faux Cils so I was keen to try this. So when I was doing my Christmas shopping I decided to pick it up from House Of Fraser.

What www.ysl-parfums.com says:
For a new powerful dramatization of the look. A mascara that dares everything - volume, length and extreme curves - and sculpts the lashes creating a base effect "liner" for a look that is unique yet irresistible.

The thing that intrigued me most was the brush. It's got two different kind of bristles which give it that 'helter skelter' appearance.


Lashes curled and applied with 2 coats:

As with all YSL mascaras, this has the strong floral/perfume scent to it. The scent doesn't bother me, in fact I quite like it. I just don't think my eye does. After wearing this mascara for more then a few hours my lashes really start to irritate my eyes, and having itchy eyelashes is probably the most irritating thing ever.

I've had this since the start of December and the formula started drying up around the end of January. The fact it dries up so quickly means it's harder to work with. It's quite a thick formula which means it clumps. You can see very minor clumps in the last photo. I find that if you add more then two coats it just clumps your lashes together.

I really don't think this made a drastic difference to my lashes then mascaras that are a lot cheaper did. It added some length but no volume at all and I prefer a mixture of both, as my lashes are short and very fine.

I definitely wouldn't repurchase. I think I'd go as far as saying I wouldn't buy another YSL mascara again. I find the formula hard to work with when it starts drying out and the scent makes wearing it for long periods of time, uncomfortable.

Anyone tried this and loved it? Let me know what you think.

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Easter Lush Haul.

Like always around 'special holidays' Lush bring out limited edition products. When I saw they were going a Snow Fairy scented Ballistic I knew I wanted it. I absolutely adore Snow Fairy!

I was initially going to get one of those big eggs, since the entire outside casing is a Ballistic but I couldn't decide which one I wanted and didn't want both so skipped those and got the smaller things along with a few permanent things.

1 - Happy Chick Ballistic.
2 - Honey Bun Ballistic.
3 - Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar.
4 - Fluffy Egg Ballistic.
5 - Ickle Baby Bot Ballistic.
6 - None Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm.
7 - Candy Fluff Body Powder.
8 - Happy Hippy Shower Gel - 250g.

Has anyone else got any of the Easter products? Do you like them?

I don't know if I will review this as I certainly won't get round to using them and posting them up before Easter but if anyone wants something specifically, I shall do it! :D If you ask nicely.

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First Light Cosmetics Eye Products.

I'm sure you all read in my previous review that I was recently contacted by First Light about trying some of their products. I have split the review up into three parts so as not to make it too long.

You can check out the review I did on the Mineral Blushes here.

First Light Mineral Eyeshadow and Eye Light:

What www.firstlightcosmetics.com say about their Mineral Eye Shadows:
Our 100% mineral shadows are fresh, fun and very dynamic! Use them as all over shadows or as highlighters on brows or cheeks. Blend colours together to create your own unique style or mix with water to use as eyeliner. First Light eye shadows come in 2 formulations; our creamy “soft sheen” gives a rich and smooth finish, whilst our “glimmer” formula provides a high intensity sheen and the wow factor!

Colbat Sea is described on the site as a bright shimmering blue/green turquoise. I think that describes the colour perfectly. It's very 'colour shifting'. It looks more blue in these photos but when you team it with other green shadows, like I did in this FOTD, it appears more green. When first swatched or applied to the lid it can appear very sheer but you can build up the intensity. It's quite shimmery but not overly glittery. It gives the shadow a frost like finish. I haven't tried foiling this yet as I haven't quite mastered the technique but when I do, I shall report back with how well that works. This is a colour I actually really like and I'm glad I have it in my collection.

What www.firstlightcosmetics.com say about their Eye Light:
This soft, light emitting loose powder is spectacular for concealing puffiness, redness and dark circles while diminishing signs of fatigue. Works over the lids or on the sensitive under eye area to brighten and conceal. Perfect for late nights and early mornings!

At the moment I am undecided on this and I've tried it a few times. I first tried applying it over Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Off I went to work and not more then an hour later I had serious creasing. Now this never happens when I use UDPP. So putting it over the top didn't work. I don't find it much makes much of a difference under primer either. I need to try this some other ways. Under foundation/concealer. Anyone got any tips?

Don't forget, all you lovely readers can have a 15% off discount code. The code is valid until the 8th of April. You just need to enter First1019 when checking out and your 15% will be deducted from your total price (not including P&P).

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.


Eldora Lashes Preview.

At the weekend, I was contacted by someone from Eldora Lashes, asking if I'd been interested in trying some of the lashes. I said yes and picked out a few pairs and left the rest for them to decide.

If you like lashes I definitely recommend you check out the Eldora Shop. They have over 200 varieties of lashes. Ranging from the subtle black lashes to crazy colourful ones. I have a little list in my head of all the other ones I want.

If you spend over £10 you get a 10% discount and a 20% discount if you spend over £35. If you spend over £20 you get free delivery which is usually £4.90.

I got 6 pairs in total and a double sided sheet with all the lashes that they do. This is now my checklist. ;)

And a personal little note too, which I thought added a nice touch:

This is what I received:

1 - C120.
2 - D123.
3 - S504.
4 - S401.
5 - B143.
6 - H105.

I'm going to be doing looks and reviews on all of these in the next few weeks.

If you've recieved lashes as well, what do you think of them? Or if you haven't what do you think of them, just by looking at them? - I'm not sure that entirely makes sense but there we go. ;)

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.


Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.

At the start of the year I was contacted by Skin MD Natural asking if I wished to try their Shielding Lotion. I said I would because I have a lot of trouble with hand creams and wanted to try something different.

The brand is so positive that you will like the product, if you don't you can return it to them for a full refund.

When I was exchanging emails at the start of the year with this company, they had said they'd sent a bottle out to me in January. I waited until the end of the month with nothing arriving so contact them and told them this. At the start of February they said they would send another bottle and I was to let them know if I got this one. I did and I'm less then impressed.

A little bit about me. I suffer with, what can be, quite extreme dermatitis on my hands. This is due to many different factors but mainly the air condidioning/cleaning agents at work and cold weather.

I've tried so many different over the counter and prescribed creams, with nothing helping moisturise my hands at all.

What my hands look like the majority of the time, they've been a lot worse:

This was taken just a week ago, during the time I had been using the Shielding Lotion.

Does that look like a well moisturised hand to you?

Granted, the product absorbs quickly but I found on more then a few occasions, when applied it made my hands sting for quite a while afterwards.

I just checked the site and with shipping to the UK the total product cost for this is around £17. Personally I think that's far too much for a hand cream that I dislike using.

I've seen plenty of reviews on this and I know some people really like it but I really don't and I wouldn't recommend it. They're are much cheaper alternatives that work so much better.

Did anyone else who got sent this, dislike it?

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.


Lush Bohemian Soap.

It's been a little while since I did a Lush review so I thought, no time like the present and all that.

I'm trying to be a better blogger at the moment and schedule posts for the week. To anyone else that does this, it's a lot easier, right? I didn't actually want this post up yet either, but I clicked to post instead of scheduling. Oops. Have it anyway ...

What www.lush.com says:
The mind-clearing lemon one. Bohemian soap is one of our simplest and most beautiful creations; we make it for those with a creative streak to help them to realise their masterworks. Do you work late into the night, then forget to get up in the morning and miss your deadlines? The lemon oil in Bohemian serves many purposes. It clears and refreshes the mind to invigorate you. It is cleansing and toning for the skin, so it really will keep artistic types clean, even if you can't afford a hot bath very often.

I got this on my first trip to Lush last year and have only got round to using it recently. I was using Lush Sandstone. I thought both of these would be quite similar considering they are both lemony scented soaps.

It's the same but different. The scents are quite similar but I personally think Bohemian is that little bit sweeter. It looks somewhat like cloudy lemonade, that was the first thing that came to mind. The scent reminds me more of that then anything else, which I love.

Unlike Sandstone, it's just a soap. No scrubby bits. No fancy glitter or anything Lush like putting in their soaps. A plain and simple soap. I actually really like it. I find it really very moisturising and the scent lasts for quite a while after.

Are you after this or have you had it before? Let me know what you think.

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Requested Eye Photo Tutorial (Picture Heavy).

A while a go Milly asked me if I could do a photo tutorial on how I did my eye makeup. I said I would but never got around to it. She ended up asking me again recently so I made sure I did it asap. :) So here it is.

Products needed:

1 - 4 eyeshadows (Sleek Graphite Palette) - 1 highlight colour and 3 lid colours.
2 - Eye primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion).
3 - Pencil eye liner (M.A.C Pearglide Eye Liner - Flu - By - Blu).
4 - Eye cream (M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream).
5 - Liquid liner (M.A.C Liquid Liner - Boot Black).
6 - Mascara (YSL Singulier Mascara).
7 - Lash curlers (M.A.C).


1 - M.A.C 219 Pencil Brush.
2 - M.A.C 239 Eyeshadow Brush.
3 - M.A.C 217 Blending Brush.
4 - M.A.C 272 Angled Shader.
5 - M.A.C 266 Small Angle Brush.


1 - Highlight (lightest).
2 - Main lid colour (second lightest).
3 - Crease colour (second darkest).
4 - Outer corner colour (darkest).

Step 1: Apply any eye creams you wish to use. Curl your lashes and apply primer.

Step 2: Apply highlight to brow bone and inner corner.

Step 3: Using a 239 apply main lid colour up to the crease and to the outer corner. (I personally find it easier to apply the outer corner colour onto a bare lid, which is why I don't apply the main colour on this bit).

Step 4: Using a 272 apply the crease colour and blend up and into the highlight colour.

Step 5: Using the same brush, add more of the same colour right into the crease to darken it.

Step 6: Using a 219, take the darkest colour and mark out how you want to have your outer corner.

Step 7: Still using the 219, fill in and blend into the lid and crease colours.

Step 8: Starting in the middle of the lid, apply liquid liner using a 266 (I find this gives a more precise line then the liquid liner applicator, it's all down to personal preference), working into the inner corner. Then work from the middle to the outer corner. Apply pencil liner.

Step 9: Add mascara.


It seems like a lot of work but once you get used to it, it really doesn't take that long.

This is how I do my eye makeup most of the time. It doesn't matter what colours I'm using. I find this works as long as you follow the 'rules' of highlight being the lightest, lid - second lightest, crease - second darkest and the outer corner the darkest.

I really hope this helps some of you. A few years a go I couldn't even blend one colour, let alone using 4! So just practice, practice, practice! It's boring to hear, I know but it really is worth it.

What did you think of this?

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First Light Cosmetics Blushes.

I was recently contacted by First Light asking if I would like to try some of their products. They let me look around the site and decide on what I would like. That seemed a plus for me since some companies just send out the same thing to everyone.

You can read about it on the site, but a bit about the brand. The brand is 100% natural, pure crushed minerals. Their products don't contain chemicals, talc or fillers. They also provide samples. How many times have you ordered something and then decided that actually, it really doesn't suit you? It's a good way to try lots of different colours or if you're on a tight budget.

I have some eye products but I'm doing a separate post on those, as I don't want this to be super long.

First Light Mineral Blushes:

(Heavily swatched for review purposes)

What www.firstlightcosmetics.com say:
"I'll have what she's having!!" Our 100% mineral blusher is as gentle as a breeze, kissing your cheek with silky sheer colour. For a natural, healthy flush that releases your inner radiance!

Mistral is described on the site as a light peachy pink with a hint of shimmer.
This was the first thing I decided on as it's nothing like anything I currently own. I was expecting this to be the one product I didn't like but I actually do. It's perfect for Summer, when you don't want to be wearing a ton of makeup. It can be very natural looking, even with the shimmer. It's hard to pick up blush in photos but I recently used it in this FOTD. It's a refreshing change from pink and I really like it.

Kohilo is described as an air kiss of pale shimmery pink for any skin tone. I was expecting this to be as pale as M.A.C's Well Dressed. It's actually a bit more brighter then that, more of a light candy pink. I like wearing this with hardly any other make up, it provides that naturally flushed look.

Even though they both have quite a lot of shimmer, they aren't overly glittery. It's one of the nice kinds of shimmer. I am not personally a fan of matte blushes. I also like that these are sheer but buildable. I always end up applying far too much but with these it's hard to do that. Although I'm sure if I tried hard enough ... ;)

I also got a 15% off discount code for all my lovely readers. The code is valid until the 8th of April. You just need to enter First1019 when checking out and your 15% will be deducted from your total price (not including P&P). Let me know if you get anything!

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.


I Finally Managed To Get Some! ;)

No not that. George @ Asda polishes of course! I have seen on these on so many blogs now but of course, the nearest Asda to me is about the size of a corner shop. (No jokes!)

So Maxi offered to send me some, which was super nice of her. I'd been wanting to get them for ages but felt rude asking someone to do a custom purchase.

This is what I got:

1 - Frost Bite.
2 - Cloudless Sky.
3 - Streamer.
4 - Be Mine.
5 - Lavender Fantasy.
6 - Under The Sea.
7 - Ultraviolet.
8 - Mysterious.
9 - Indigo Dazzle.
10 - Silver Sparkle.

And some Primark Beauty Eyeliners.

I quickly swatched them when I got them and I love all of them, bar the application on one and the brushes but at £1.50 you can't really moan! I shall go into that more when I post about them properly though.

Anyone else who's tried them, which are your favorites?

Just a couple quick things to say, my giveaway winners will be up after the weekend. I've been trying all week to contact Skin MD, to no avail. So I don't think there will be a third prize now, since they were providing it. Sorry about that.

Last minor thing. I got Daily Booth the other day. Anyone else on it? Go follow me (/bickyyy) and I'll follow you back. :D

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