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TLG Is Going On A Temporary Hiatus.

First off I'd just like to ask if everyone who follows me, would read this. I don't feel like I need to justify myself but since you give so much back to me (feedback/support etc), I feel like I should.

The last two days I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether this is a good idea and whether I should just not say anything and do it anyway, but I feel like I owe this.

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll have probably seen recent tweets about me not feeling overly great.

Much as I love blogging, I have other things that come first. Work, personal issues etc.

Now before you think 'oh no/yessss she's leaving us!', I'm not!

Last month was a really good month for me, I blogged a lot and now I'm feeling like I have to live up to that again. That doesn't really make sense but I know what I mean! :/

I know there's a lot of people waiting on request posts and companies that are wondering why the hell their product hasn't been featured yet. Everything's just getting on top of me right now and I feel pressured into writing and I prefer quality of posts over quantity. I often have writers block and forcing a post out while like that, just makes for totally rubbish reading.

I've been stressing all week about how I've only had 2 posts for this month and we're already a week in and with the personal issues I have going on right now, it's just extra stress. So I'm taking it upon myself to take a fortnight or so off from blogging.

I am fully expecting people to unfollow, so if you plan to do so, do it now!

I feel bad about doing this but it needs to be done. I just need to sort out some other things right now without the added stress of thinking that I really should update soon.

Ok so this is long enough but I just also wanted to say that it's my (blogs) birthday next month and I shall be back (probably before then) with a giveaway for it! So I'm looking forward to that.

I'll still be reading your posts and trying my best to comment. And I'll still be kind of on Twitter so come say haii!

I'm really sorry I've had to this and I hope you can understand because I don't feel it necessary to go into details on why I have to do this.

But fear not girls, I will be back. So um, I'll see you on the other side I guess?

And sorry again! :(

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Witty Post Title ...

Ok so, I had planned to some form of E/NOTD post or something today but I'm really not feeling it. My sleeping is just plain terrible again and I couldn't even think of a post title.

Oh yes. So no reviews from me today. Something that requires a little less effort.

A little while ago Mrs Karleigh asked me if I wanted the Illamasqua Liquid Metal she'd been sent as she didn't like cream products. I'd planned on buying it anyway, so of course I did!

Isn't she lovely, eh?

She also sent me some other random things:

I feel bad posting this up. It's not really a haul coz I didn't pay for it and there's no reviews but never mind. My blog.

Anyone else tried any of these things? I'm looking forward to using everything, reviews to follow.
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China Glaze - LOL.

If you didn't know by now, I love my holo polishes! This is no exception.

It's another from the China Glaze OMG Collection.

Please excuse the second photo, I only just realised I had a cat hair on my finger and it wasn't totally focused but it's the photo that shows the colour best. It still looks more blue when in actual fact it's a really deep purple.

As with all China Glaze polishes, this was super easy to apply and it dried quickly to a semi matte finish.

It's a very deep purple with no blue tint to it whatsoever. That's all down to the damn camera. What is it about purples that makes them so hard to photo? :/ It has multi coloured holo that isn't as blindingly obvious as light coloured holos like IDK but it's still super pretty.

Bit of a short review but it's just the same as all the other China Glaze polishes I have from the OMG Collection.

Do you like holos? If so recommend me some that I can get in the UK! :) Because I really want to wear these in the Summer, when you can see them at their best.
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