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MHK - The Challenge.

If you haven't already seen, Vicky from It's All Peachy Keen decided to start a bloggers health kick challenge, which you can find here.

I haven't actually started yet as I haven't been at all well this last week. Not being able to taste or smell what you're eating is extremely off putting so I don't want to be seen to be promoting not eating or anything. ;)

My goal is too lose some weight and get healthier. I don't have a goal as such, because I don't want to be thinking 'ughhhh I've got so long to go'. Yano? So I'm not setting a goal as such.

I will do my update posts on Tuesdays as that's when I'm off for a couple days so will be able to actually update fully on it how my week was.

I know Vicky mentioned only doing it for a month but I'm hoping to continue it longer than that but we shall see.

Any of my followers involved in this? Or have been in the past? Tips?! I really need them.


Luuux.com - Would You Whore Yourself Out For A Handbag?

Please excuse the rather tongue in cheek title, as I'm sure someone will get offended and take it a little too literally.

As with my other posts on animal testing and blogging popularity, this is going to be a long one.

And as with my other popularity posts, this is not an attack on anyone. I had planned on making this an impartial and balanced argument but it just isn't happening.

I hope you're sitting comfortably and have suitable refreshments, let's get on with it!

What is Luuux?
Luuux is a community where you add information on the latest trends and cutting edge ideas which you can share with your friends and family.
We share back our revenues with our users. By being active on Luuux you will earn Luuux$ which you can spend in our store or give away to your favorite charity

How Do I Get Started In Luuux?
Easy! Just sign up and start earning Luuux$ for everything you do on the site. The sign up process is simple. We’ll need your name, email address and a password and that’s it, but the more info you put into your profile the more Luuux$ you earn.
- You earn Luuux $ every time you add content, comment or rate others content.
- The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux$ you earn.
- The more Luuux $’s you have, the more you can buy or donate!

How Does Luuux Make Money?
We make money through advertising and sales commisions on the site.
If you tell friends about items you like and they end up buying them, we share the sales commissions with you.

Luuux has 6 blogging categories. Fashion, technology, health & beauty, sport & fitness, design and entertainment.

They're motto is quite simple really, 'Share your favourite stuff. Earn money'.

So of course I signed up to make sure I knew what I was talking about when writing this! You even get 20 Luuux$ just for signing up.

Then I came across this page:

Which is notoriously hard to navigate around. Maybe I'm just being completely dumb but I clicked everything to try and add personal and additional information to earn me someone $ but to no avail.

So I checked out the shop to see what took my fancy:

Eeee a MacBook!

I went ahead and commented on a few random posts I came across. To which I found you get 1 Luuux$ per comment. R u srs?! ONE?! You also get just the 1 Luuux$ for receiving a comment.

So I went about seeing how else I could earn me some more Luuux$ to get a MacBook.

You can earn Luuux$ by doing just some of the following:

Adding a comment to a post.
Adding a rating to a post.
Reporting abuse on a site comment.
Reporting abuse on a site post.

So the last two things, am I wrong in thinking they're wanting you to do their job for them? Now I understand it's a big site and they can't moderate everything but if people are that desperate to get their hands on a MacBook or a pair of Louboutins they're going to go around flagging up any negative comments, no?

Basically, the more popular you are with the amount of people following you on there, comments on a post and how popular that post becomes, the more Luuux$ you earn for yourself. So people like me don't have a chance. Unless you have literally thousands of loyal followers I just don't see how this could work.

My content that I publish on this blog is mine and is only intended for this blog. So why would I want to be duplicating it on another site so I can get something out of it? I'm happy with the feedback I get here from followers, that's enough for me.

But what I'm already sick of seeing on Twitter is some bloggers expecting people to comment on their original blog post and the Luuux post. I'm sorry but no. I will publish my comment on your original post. I'm not going to leave you comments on a totally different website just so you can get yourself something pretty from it. Do you see what I'm saying?

I took to Twitter and asked bloggers to leave whatever they thought about this Luuux business in my FormSpring so it was completely anonymous. I've had literally tonnes of points made in my inbox so I'm going to paste extracts here, trying my best not to take them out of context.

'I made a Luuux account & after 2 days deleted it. Its really slow, hard to use and gaining points isn't what blogging should be about'

'It will only be good for popular bloggers and everyone else will just be their helping them get free stuff'

'Re: Lux or whatever the chuff it is called, IMO, it's just another excuse for a popularity contest. Say, Little Miss I have 5k blog followers hops on the bandwagon then she's gonna make money from it. What happened to blogging for fun? Freeloaders ;)'

'Re Luuux or whatever its called - I personally won't be signing up I don't blog for freebies or financial gain - all the posts seem to be for the sake of it rather than for a real reason or passion - if others want to do its cool but not for me'

'When it comes to luuux I joined because I wanted a bit of that luuuxury, but that is a false lure they have you on, chances are you will not get anything on there for free, as easy as they make it seem, it will take you hours and hours, just to get the cheapest things. They have £80 headphones in their shop, could buy them after working about 15 hours, on luuux i would need to invest about 100 hours in to it. know they send people stuff people have proved it, but you need a big following to get anywhere quick on there, so yes blogging is fun but you do not get the people responding to you as an individual on there because they are simply all after a freebie'

'Alot of the big youtube gurus manage okay because people idolise them which is fine, but I have posted a few times and a well known person could post something of little value and get quite a few people comment it, comments mean points. I have no hope, I am just going to work in the real world for my items of desire'

I'm getting the feeling not a lot of people are loving this idea? I'm pretty sure 99% of bloggers started their blog because they wanted to and not what they could get out of it in the long run. I suppose it's all down to the individual and what they choose to do but I can see it annoying a lot of people because, like I mentioned before. I don't want to be reading post in numerous different places.

Also props to Luuux for their super glitchy site and horrible grammar. ;)

I apologise for the incoherent manner of this post but I'm severely ill ... Yay!

So let's wrap this up. Luuux is a blogging website on which you earn money to buy things. You don't 'get' this cash. It has to be saved up to buy something in their shop. The amount of revenue you will get back on your posts depends almost solely on how popular you are in the blogging community. Lastly, the website is hard to navigate full of grammatical spelling errors, which is extremely unprofessional in my book.

Would I recommend it? Hell naw I wouldn't!

Will I be using it again? No, my account is getting deleted right after I post this.

Do I care about others using it? No, providing you aren't shoving it all in my face and only trying to earn $ out of it.

That's my rather large opinion done. Now it's your turn. Let me know what you think and please try not to it anonymously. ;) You can't please everyone.

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Wordless Wednesday #1.

Kinda crappy but I thought I'd start off my not so Wordless Wednesday with something bright!

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Orange Lips.

Apparently it's in this season. Well there's no apparently about it, it is in!

It was all over models in the New York Fashion Week.

Here's what www.style.com have to say:

Mandarin-painted lips are enjoying a bit of a second coming at New York fashion week. After electrifying the Fall 2009 season at shows like Rag & Bone, Karen Walker, Charles Anastase, and Kinder Aggugini, the eye-popping pout color has reappeared in a high-gloss incarnation at Jill Stuart, in neon at Ohne Titel, and at Marc by Marc Jacobs, where it made a very matte, very magnetic showing. To start things off, makeup artist Dick Page built a rosy cheek using alternating shades of Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Colors, which include two highlighters and four different pinkish hues, before slightly “sketching” models’ lash lines with its Smoothing Eye Liner Pencil in Black and blending in a dollop of its Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment on top for a glossy finish that “makes the entire look come alive.” Then came the lip, a vivid thing that included Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Day Lily layered with a bright orange pigment that Page is reportedly “working on."

I'm not sure why but I feel drawn to buy an Orange lipstick! Not to sound big headed or vain but I feel I could rock it. This is coming from someone who wears bright blue lipgloss.

I don't think I would go for the matte option, I want something slightly shiny but flat in colour. I don't want bright colour and shimmer!

So of course, first port of call was M.A.C and the ever faithful Temptalia, which all photos are courtesy of.

I present you with M.A.C's Morange:

M.A.C describe this as a loudmouth orange. It's definitely bright and slightly retina burning, don't you think? But I'm ever so tempted to buy it just to see.

I know a lot of people wouldn't have the confidence to wear this but what do you think? I think it would look fab with flawless matte skin and loads of lashes!

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Marian Newman Inkredibles.

These are something I got quite a while ago from an ASOS sale. I just checked the site and they still have them. I wonder why that might be?

I first saw these in August 2008 when they were featured in an article in UK Vogue, I've left it big so you can have a nosey if you so wish.

What www.mariannewmannails.com say:
The Inks are a revolutionary and innovative way of colouring nails. The traditional solvent based polish that is difficult to use when painting your own nails and takes ages to dry is replaced with a water based colour that takes seconds!

According to Vogue (Sept ’08): "How long does it take nail varnish to dry? 5 minutes to touch dry, 25 minutes to smudge-proof and 12 hours to rock-hard".

The INKS take 20 seconds to touch dry, 60 seconds to smudge-proof and 2 mins to rock hard!

The Inks, in a pen with a brush nib, are cosmetic pigments suspended in a water base. They are painted on the nails in seconds (even on the move!) and sealed with a glossy top coat. Any colour on the skin just washes off! Now you don’t need to plan your nail colour to match several days outfits. You can change your nail colour as easily as you change your lipstick! Don’t think of The Inks as nail polish. It isn’t. It’s nail colour.

Sounds pretty good, huh? A new and exciting way to paint your nails.

Let's just take a look at them in their packaging, shall we?

Apparently if they settle you should give them a good shake. I tried for ages and ages to get the colour pigments to mix in with the water but they still insisted on sticking to the sides like there's no tomorrow.

Streaking on the inside of the tube, surely that's not a good sign?

And lastly, not even being mixed at all properly. Sorry Marian, but it isn't looking good so far.

So how do they apply? Honestly? Horribly. I did everything that it said to. I even tried a second time but nope.

The colours dry to this weird matte chalky looking texture which the top coat just seemed to drag away when you tried to seal it.

Also these are meant to be anti staining but let me tell you, Burnt Orange was an absolute nightmare to get rid of!

I got straight on the laptop and fired off an email to ASOS, telling them exactly what I thought. They kindly offered to refund me on the grounds that they were faulty.

Do I think they were? No. I just think the only way to get a decent manicure is the conventional way. They one I'll be sticking to.

Have you tried these? Let me know your thoughts!

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First Light Cosmetics Kabuki Brush.

What www.firstlightcosmetics.com say:
The best brush to apply mineral foundation, our goat hair Kabuki is baby soft and evenly distributes the make-up powder for a flawless base.

A nice full headed, super soft Kabuki that blends powder into the skin with very little effort.

I don't actually own a mineral foundation but I use this when applying M.A.C's Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Power, or on the odd occasion I decide to wear a bronzer.

It blends the powder right into the skin with out much work. Which I love! I don't want to be buffing something for ages to get rid of any tide lines. We all know those aren't pretty!

I think it's really good value for a non synthetic brush at only £13.99.

Is this something you would spend that amount on? Or would you prefer to spend less/more? What do you use your Kabuki for?

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The products in this post were provided for review purposes.


The Results Are In ...

The votes have been counted and verified ... And why am I not surprised. ;)

Remember that little poll I had in my sidebar about what you wanted to see more of?

Tutorials, EOTDs and FOTDs came out on top. Along with Konads and Urban Decay reviews coming close behind.

Also I have another new layout. I loved the one I had before but it didn't seem very spacey to me. And the black was a little unfriendly. I much prefer white over black so am loving this new layout.

Special thanks to Kim for unzipping the file for me at ridiculous oclock. What a star. :D

Just a quick one at this ridiculous time in the morning. Hopefully I'll have EOTD's for you soon!

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This is probably going to come as a shock to most of my followers, considering I know you all love your arm accessories. But I do not own a handbag. There I said it. *Hides* That's kind of a lie but not really. I do own one bag but it's old and crappy and I only use it if I'm staying out for the night.

Much as I love the many handbags from Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel, right now I am not in any position to drop £1k on a handbag. Even if I had that kind of cash I would feel guilty doing so. They're also made out of leather which creeps me out a little bit, after seeing how it's made.

Just by chance this evening, I mindlessly went onto the Paul's Boutique site, just because I wanted to look at pretty arm candy. They actually have an online store now. Useful yet dangerous!

So I had a little look through and have decided when I have enough cash to spare, which won't be for a little while yet, I shall buy one. But that gives me time to choose because I seriously don't know which I want!

This is what I've currently picked out off the site ...

Purple Gracie (Reminds me of a Mulberry bag that was extremely similar, that I lusted after for ages!):

Gunmetal Gracie:

Mushroom Roxanne:

Black Roxanne:

Nude Maisy Large:

I'm thinking one of the first two but I am the worst at making decisions. I much prefer the bags that don't have the logos all over them. I know some people like that kind of thing but I really don't, not for me.

The great thing about these also, is that they're not made from leather. So I can have a relatively guilt free bag.

Which are you preferring? Any suggestions? I'd also love to hear from anyone with a PB bag on how they wear and what not.

Help me out girlies!

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Mish Mash Cut Crease Eye Of The Day.

Firstly thanks to the few girls that left comments on my last post. I expect most people just overlooked it. Not her again.

Anyhow. I just got extremely bored and whipped together a quick EOTD. I wasn't really sure what I was going for, I just wanted lots of colours. It looks I fell head first into my New York BOS!

As I said, I've only just done this so the sun is setting and the pictures weren't so good but you get the idea.

M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream.
Urban Decay Primer Potion.
M.A.C Eyeshadow - Phloof! (brow highlight, inner corner highlight).
Urban Decay Eyeshadows - Kush (all over lid), Haight (crease), Radium (cut crease), Loaded (outer V), Money (lower lashline).
Urban Decay Liquid Liner - Perversion (upper lashline).
M.A.C Kohl Power Eye Pencil - Feline (waterline).
GOSH Intense Lashes Mascara.
Dior Blackout Mascara.

Honestly not the best I've done by a long shot, but certainly not the worst.

What do you think?

I was having a little bit of writing block and some other problems, which is why I spent a bit of time away. But I'm curious as to what you want to see more of. There's a poll just over there --> So please open in your browser and vote for what you'd like to see more of!

I keep thinking of more answers and adding them but I shall stop now. If you can think of anything I haven't mentioned please feel free to suggest in the comments.

Thanks all 681 of you that have stuck with me. I plan on holding a competition soon, just gathering the prizes at the moment. :)

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I Hate Doing These Posts.

But once again I have to and I'm going to make this as short as possible. Since it's been put to my knowledge that I only make posts like this because I'm seeking attention.

That is not the case at all. I am a very sensitive person so when bad things happen to me, regarding people I care about, they hit me really badly.

If you haven't already noticed, I haven't updated for a week now. I kept telling myself I would but I couldn't bring myself to write something knowing that I'd be thinking and worrying about other things the whole time.

This week has gone from bad to worse. I have unmoderated comments waiting to be published from Thursday and before. Which isn't like me.

I just need a few days completely away from people so I can just sleep and be at peace with myself again. Hopefully then things will start looking up.

That means no Twitter. All the tweets that are going to be going there are things that are automatically published every two hours from my Tumblr.

I hate to do this to you again but I just need a few days to myself.

Sorry. :(

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