A Belated Christmas Post.

I know everyone's already finished posting their Christmas goodies but I was saving this one. For what I'm not quite sure but anyway.

A little while I go I actually made a post about Paul's Boutiques handbags. I'm probably the only 22 year old in the world, who up till now hasn't owned a handbag unless it was absolutely necessary. I'm extremely fussy you see.

As I mentioned in that post, I cannot justify spending 4 figures on a bag. Yes, it lasts a lifetime but I get bored easily. Hence the new blog layout. Not sure if I quite like it yet, opinions?

Anyway, going off track here. I by chance and pure boredom, browsed the PB site a little before Christmas and fell in love with my perfect bag.

I had to get a purse too! I like matchy matchy.

I opted for the Lizzie Rouched. Did want the white one but it wasn't in stock. :(

I love the design and the bright pink inside!

Then I opted for the Diamant√© Molly which was LE for Christmas. It kept selling out and I was afraid I wasn't going to get it but it came back into stock the day I got paid. Fate? I think so!

I decided to use the charm as a key chain coz I didn't like the way it rattled around.

I absolutely love it. I know a few people who don't really like PB's bags. I'm not a fan of the ones with the big logos on. I see a lot of chavs with those and it puts me off.

It is a little jazzy for everyday so I really should get something else which is more durable. Anything you've been eyeing up recently? Feel free to link me. :)

Is this something you'd buy or not? Let me know your thoughts!

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