First Attempt At Free Handed Nail Art.

I was a little bored a few nights ago, I mean what else is there to do at 1AM? So I decided to grab a few nail polishes and just do something, anything.

It's not quite up to all you other nail bloggers standards but I tried. I quite like it actually.

I had planned on doing just a third of the nail and black striping it but black was the obvious choice.

Base colour - Revlon's All Fired Up.
Section colour - Illamasqua's Prisim.
Stripe colour - China Glaze's Frostbite.

I just used a really crappy striper nail art brush I got from Sally's. To be honest, it came out better than expected and the right hand was pretty good also which I was not expecting at all!

What do we think? I'm interested to hear from all you nail art girls! Please be nice. :)

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