Someday Summary - Thursday.

I have a fringe! Last week, after work I had a crazy impulse to force my dad into cutting me in a fringe. It was a sort of 'now or never' moment. If I didn't do it then, I wouldn't have done it. I've wanted one for ages but I was too scared to go to a hairdressers. So between my dad and I we managed to cut in a choppy, slightly slanted fringe and you know what? I love it! I feel like a new person and I feel so much younger.
Red lipstick. Today I plan on venturing out for the first time in public with red lips. I feel so uncomfortable wearing bold lips but I teamed it with a pin-up look which I have as a FOTD in a few days. I feel like a doll when I wear red lippie.
I finally worked out how to make GIFs. I do have Photoshop but I have no idea how to use it. I came across which pretty much makes them for you. Just upload the photos and download the finished GIF.
  Is Spring here? The weather seems a ton better then recent weeks. I could get used to this sunshine.
Happiness. Completely genuine. I love feeling happy with myself for the first time in ever.
3 Little lovelies; Listening to - Avril Lavigne - What The Hell. I didn't like this at first but I can't stop singing it now.
Reading - Top To Toe. A blog from a friend of mine who's just started, with a mixture of posts.
Looking forward to - Getting 2 new tattoos in a few weeks. I've been booked in since October. :)

What have you been up to and enjoying lately?

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