Oh So, Glamzy-Rous!

Dear beautiful people who own an iPhone or an Android, I come baring gifts. See, I'm nice like that. ;)

It's an app called Glamzy. What's Glamzy I hear you scream? I'm going to show you. Or you can just click the link first and ruin the purpose of the post. ;)

You can get a light version or a pro version which is £1.87 ($2.99). I went with the latter.

So we open up the app, I'm using this on a 'Droid (HTC Desire HD), nice clean interface. Easy to use and find what you want:

When you open up a new canvas the first thing you choose is a face shape, I went with rectangle:

Next up you choose how much control you want over the features. Complete is only available on pro, I went with that:

Opens up with a nice clear M.A.C face chart (you don't get eyebrows on complete) which you can zoom right up on and pan around:

The colour list, first you choose the product:

Then the name, all permanent shades are here:

In the making ...

The finished product:

Not bad for a first attempt if I might say so. I named it 'Born This Way' since it's out today and I can't stop listening to it.

It's actually a really easy app to use once you get the hang of blending etc. You can mirror things to save time also!

Definitely one to cure the boredom or jot down a quick look you have in your head.

Is this something that interests you? Do you plan on getting it? Feel free to upload your looks and post them below if you do!

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